Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hemmorage Update, Sledding and More

Update on Subchorionic Hemmorage:

I met with my OB today for my first prenatal visit and we went over the results from the ultrasound. She showed me on the sonagram that I have two hemmorages. Not what I was expecting to see. They both lie along either side of lower portion of the uterus... right near the cervix. One of them is 2.5 cm, the other 1cm. She said this size did not shock her at all.

The good news?

Neither of them are obstructing the placenta (at this time). So as far as she see, the placenta is fully attached.

The bad news?

Besides the fact that there are two... they lie right near the cervix. Having said that, my OB said there is a high probability that I will experience bleeding. The hemmorages have indeed stopped bleeding, and are now blood clots. My body could absorb them, but more likely - as they begin to break down, pieces of them will be expelled out by the shear force of gravity. She really stressed the fact that I shouldn't get scared if the blood is old and dark. It's the brightly colored blood that rises a concern.

This bleeding most likely occured during implantation. At which time, there may have been some movement in the placement of the embryo as it settled - and that caused the bleeding. My OB said that this is VERY common. She explained that the clinic's new ultrasound equipment is so advanced and stream lined, that these hemmorages are being caught so early in the pregnancies. She said that when she started practicing, she rarely saw this until further into the pregnancy. But now with the clear precision of the intravaginal ultrasounds, so much more is visible and detectable.
We scheduled another ultrasound on March 10th for my next prenatal visit as well as a follow up ultrasound. What we want to see, is the hemmorages smaller or the same size. If they get larger, that will be a problem. So please pray that situation will resolve itself and nothing further will occur to endanger the pregnancy.

In case you read my last post, and wanted to see how much "belly" that isn't really "baby" at 9 weeks - here it is! Just ignore the old white stretch marks from Jackson... it was his parting gift to me :)


I pulled Jax around the front yard yesterday in his adorable child's tobaggin. Unfortuantely, he didn't enjoy it. Remember the last sledding experience? He wasn't tickled then either. So instead, Jackson stood in one place in the snow (refusing to move) while he watched me build a snowman and periodically called out to the drive by traffic.

In these next two photos.... he was keeping a close, untrusting eye on the "apparently scary" snowman decoration on our front porch.


Am I a bad mother for not resisting the urge to put my 16 month old SON in Baby Legs again?

Maybe they were more appropriate here - at 9 months old...

Anyways.... here's a couple more of my silly rambunctious toddler!

Loves Being A Mom



{:miss v:} said...

He is just too cute!

I bought Evan's first baby legs on his first birthday. I was bummed because I couldn't find many 'boy' colored ones, they were all flowery and pink and stuff. Oh well!

Leslee said...

Glad that things sound like they will be alright... Just take care of yourself and keep posting those adoarble pics of your darling son!!!

Jenilee said...

he looks adorable in those baby legs! :) take it easy and know that we are praying!

croleyc69 said...

Glad to hear that things will be ok. I read your last post but I know from having children pregnancies are all different. I'm praying for you so much.
I like Jax's Baby Legs, so cute !!
Great pictures as always and Wow he is really growing fast.
Take care and lots of {{HUGS}}

Kate said...

Good news about the hemorrhages! I will keep you in my prayers! Jax is too cute, especially that one picture!

Holly said...

I'm so glad to hear about your appt. It sounds like your dr is very optimistic about this resolving itself and I hope it does! Hopefully on the next US there will be no growth in them. And even though it'd be normal for you to bleed them out I'm sure it'll be a little scary if/when it happens.

Look at your belly! How cute! :) Oh man, April, you should see my belly now! It's even bigger! I'm starting to wonder if there are two babies in there! And I had a convo with my mom the other day and she told me about a convo she had with one of my aunts with the 'angel powers' and she told her that she has had a strong feel for a long time that me or my sister are gonna have twins! Eeep! How exciting! But then she said just someone in the family. I told my mom that I hope it's me. :) So maybe there could be! I really hope at my first appt they do an US. I'm not even sure if they have US equipment there but I hope they do!

Jackson really doesn't like sledding! lol And he is pretty wary about that snowman. I still want to build a snowman with Kyndra and we have plenty of snow for it so maybe this weekend we'll do that as long as the weather cooperates!

Holly said...

And I still put babylegs on Kyndra sometimes!

Kari @ p.s. said...

Glad to hear there was good news at the doctor and that she doesn't feel there is a concern right now. So glad for technology and what they detect early on.

Love the toboggan and loving his eyelashes :o)

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Praying for you and your little one! I'm so behind...congrats on your pregnancy! I had a subchorion hemotoma (or hemmorhage) with James, our youngest son. It was a little touch and go for awhile and they monitored me closely, but it did resolve and absorb...and he is here today...almost nine years old! I will keep you in prayer. So sorry I've been such a bad blog friend...

Love to you,