Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Second verse, same as the First?

This pregnancy is a complete 180, compared to my first.

I knew that the common phrase "You will show sooner with your second pregnancy" would ring true for me... but man - I had NO idea! No one told me, "April, you'll look and feel 18 weeks when you're really only 9 weeks!" That's exactly how I feel! I know I wasn't the most fit woman out there - but what is going on with these sad stomach muscles? Have they completely lost track of their parent role - keeping my abdomin in place? I know darn well that my 9 week impregnanted uterus isn't WHAT is buldging from my belly.... rather it's my abdominal cavity spilling forward. See with Jackson, my abs kept my belly neatly tucked in until 18 weeks when I finally gave in to maternity pants. This time around... I am already contemplating busting out those pants. I used to be "All Baby" in my last pregnancy. I can see already that that will NOT be the case this time :(

From what I have read, I can almost assume that my doctor will put me a low activity level (no exercise) due to my hemmorage... so with not being able to exercise during this pregnancy... I am a bit nervous about how much unnecessary weight I will be packing on. I will post again after my appt. tomorrow with the OB.



AFD said...

It is so different, isn't it? I think you'll still be able to do light exercise...just a feeling. can't wait to hear how it goes. Let's talk soon...I miss you!

Low Expectations said...

I hear the same thing all the time from my friends about how different pregnancies are from each other and I bet it seems weird to actually experience it. Hey, if you need to bust out those pants... then go for it!

Holly said...

I am noticing some differences with this pregnancy too. For starters, I'm showing sooner. It took me a while to show with Kyndra. I showed just a little bit more with Carleigh in the beginning but I never got as big as I did with Kyndra, which was never real big anyway! Another difference is I'm not breaking out like I did with the girls, which makes me wonder if this is a boy but you just never know.

I think that even though you're showing sooner it won't necessarily mean you're gonna get bigger. And don't worry I'm on low activity level by choice! lol

Kelly said...

I'm sure you're not really as big as you feel! Can't wait til you start posting pictures! I'm so excited for you :)

amanda said...

it is SO different. but always good. i've never had the issue of being thin...but totally understand the issue of breaking out maternity clothes way earlier. with this baby it was at seriously six or seven weeks. and i know it wasn't 'baby' but just my loose baby muscles. oh well though right? it truly is all worth it in the end. :0) i figure that i can just do the 30 day shred after having this baby and hopefully get shredded before we end up pregnant again! lol