Monday, February 15, 2010

The Little Man in My Life

~Jackson will be 16 months old this February.

~weighs 21 lbs, only 8% for 15 month olds. He has his father's insane appetite so his high activity level and metabolism must be the reason that the calories fall right off.

~loves to dance! I play music from my computer and he begs me to pick him up and dance around the room.

~watches his Praise Baby videos with extreme fascination and enthusiasm.

~sleeps with his blankie (a super soft thick green blanket) that upon holding - he will "suck" on it and still make those infant rooting motions.

~hates to have his diaper changed right after naps. He stiffens and whines because he has much better things to do than wait for a clean diaper.

~can say the words "Mama, Dada, On, Up"
Ball = "Bow",
Duck = "Duh",
Banana = "Nana",
Night Night = "Ny Ny"
says "BBRRRR" for any vehicle or train.

~signs the words for Milk, More and All Done, Nice Touches (patting his tummy) and Telephone

~wants Daddy to lift him up to touch our wall clock every evening when Paul gets home from work.

~tolerates his teeth being brushed fairly well.

~gets so proud of his acheivements when stacking cups or his Clippos.

~loves to be spun around in our office desk chair- loves to give curious george "Georgie" a ride in our office desk chair.

~has a difficult time seeing his toys being played with by other children.

~doesn't seem to have any separation anxiety except for when we drop him off at the church daycare, he cries for the first few minutes.

~is going to be a big brother this September.



Veronnica Watson said...

He's so cute! I love reading what stages little tykes are in! Evan says 'ball' the same way! haha!

Jenilee said...

he is so precious! :)

amanda said...

adorable. dustin only weighs 21 pounds too!

i have been praying for you and your precious baby...and pregnancy!!

Holly said...

He's so cute and growing into such the little man!!