Monday, February 22, 2010

Camera Strap Cover

When I think about it, these last few weeks have gone by fast. To say that I am 10 weeks along already is pretty staggering. I have been having my share fatigue and laziness. Not sure if I would categorize it as lazy - since I would give anything to have the energy - it just isn't there! I read that this will subside around 12 weeks... can't wait for this to pass! I didn't experience this with my first pregnancy. But it may have been masked by working in the salon daily and not having time to be tired. I certainly got more sleep then too... didn't have a toddler to chase around. I still think the cabin fever is heavily weighing on me too. Who can't WAIT for spring?? I hate being buried under snow, especially when my son isn't into the snow yet. Mall walks and trips to Monkey Joes only stretches so far!!

Here is my attempt at making my own camera strap cover. I used this tutorial. I had followed one of Ashley's patterns at Make It and Love It before. (I made a diaper and wipe case for my purse when I scrapped the actual diaper bag.) But the strap cover was my first time working with interfacing.... didn't work out the greatest for me. I definitely need some more practice with that. Over all, I am pretty happy with it!



Kari @ p.s. said...

I love the fabric. I keep seeing these pop up. Thinking I need to make me a cool one too!

I remember the no energy. Not lazy - you are right. You just can't muster the energy! It'll get better!

Kate said...

Very cute! I hate the snow too, I am ready for Spring!

croleyc69 said...

Looks great and hoping you can get some rest. My last pregnancy seemed like I was tired but when it came nite I couldn't sleep. Saying a prayer for you always.

{:miss v:} said...

That is so funny that you posted about this today! I just finished a post about the same thing! How funny!

Yours turned out great! Good job!

amanda said...

i noticed at about 13-14 weeks i was 'less tired' the tired thing never went away. :0) but like you said there are so many other different factors in it now. good ones though. :0)

i so want a camera strap cover. it's on my 'birthday list'. you did a great job. i have no sewing talent so i just have to find one to buy. i also have seen some with a little pocket on it so you can put in your lens cover...i thought that was such a great idea.

Mom and Dad said...

Great job April on the camera strap. You are so creative. Fabric is very nice also. I think you have an equal parts of cabin fever and tiredness from being pregnant. Once the weather is warmer you will regain your normal energy level. We promise to bring back some warm temps from Mexcico. :)

Holly said...

I think you did a great job with the camera strap!! Lovely!! I've been thinking a lot lately about getting a new camera.

Kelly said...

Very cute camera strap cover!!

I am SOOO ready for spring too!!!!! :)