Friday, October 16, 2009

The Things I Wish For You

My baby boy is almost one year old....

There are many things that I wish for you Jackson. There are many things that I want to teach you, and many more that I want you to develop on your own.
I want your faith in God to be strong and steadfast. I want you to believe his Grace is your only way to everlasting life. I want you to build a personal relationship with Jesus starting in your childhood and lasting through your whole life. I want you to make your decisions based on your beliefs and values. I want you to find comfort in God's words and guidance in his teachings. His love is unconditional and his Grace is sufficent, lean on him. I want you to lead by example and show others to way to salvation.

I want you to find peace in prayer. Hope will keep your heart going when all else seems to be weighing you down.

I want you to learn that a true friend will not judge you by your mistakes and will not abandon your side. Stay in touch with those close friends because "a friend is a friend forever, if the Lord is the Lord of them."
I want you to be able to trust your parents and know that their intentions are always for your best interest. I want you to feel the strong connection that your parents hold with you because you are our child. I want you to know that you gave your mother a purpose on this earth.

I want you to be able to read people while still having compassion and consideration. I want you to be open but cautious as to not put your family in harms way.

I want you to have a giving heart that puts others before your own desires. I want you to give more than you receive, that is where the true gift lies.

I want you to be slow to speak, and even slower to anger. Forgiveness is one of God's greatest gifts, listen to his wisdom and do not hold on to resentment.

I want you to respect your body as a created image of God's likeness. Be mindful about what goes into your body, and be more mindful about what goes into your thoughts.

I want you to be fulfill your dreams and make a life worth living for, have love that you can be proud of and a faith that will inspire you.

I want you to learn the respect of a woman and know how to respect a woman. I want you to open doors for the ladies and pull their chairs, be a gentleman. I want you to know how to dance with a woman, because every woman deserves to be led in a dance.

And when you are grown and have created a life of your own, when you have found a god fearing woman to spend your days with, when you have started a family and begun to watch your children grow in love... don't forget to give your mother a call on Sunday afternoons.

I love you, sweetheart. You are more than I could ever have imagined you to be.



Veronica said...

What a beautiful post, April. Only six more days till he turns one, huh? Boy the time sure flies, doesn't it?

Crystal said...

Again, a disclaimer would have been nice! Eyes are welled in tears. Jackson is lucky to have you!

HeatherOz said...

That is so sweet!

Kate said...

So sweet, from the heart and written by a great Mom! Another thing I forgot to tell you...for Molly's 1st birthday we went to a pottery place and decorated a plate for her, and then had everyone at the party sign. It was a nice way to remember the day!

Allison said...

That was so sweet. Although, I think Jax will find an "April-fearing" woman. Hehe. Just teasing. You are such a great mother and a wonderful friend. I'm lucky to have all three of you in my life.

Holly said...

I loved this post. One day Jackson can read this and see all that you hoped for him. I know he will grow up to be a wonderful man!! (But not too fast, ya know.)