Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Update / Caps for Cancer Kids

This week has been quite crazy! The past few weeks have been crazy.
Between organizing for my son's birthday,

painting and redecorating the master bathroom,

(currently working on two original art pieces for the walls)

my photography class assignments,

scheduling appointments for flu shots, allergist, the dermatologist,

waking up each morning to Jackson's overfilled pee diapers which requires a bath on his part (no complants from my darling peanut gallery)

It's Been Nuts!
Of course needing to maintain the mundane as well (laundry, cleaning, bills). PHEW!

There is one thing I would like to share with you. If you haven't been over to MckMama's blog lately, you may have missed everything that she has going on this October. The only one I am going to talk about is the
Caps for Cancer Kids campaign.

All throughout the month of October, MckMama is personally collecting caps, hats, beanies to be donated to children with cancer. You can make them, purchase them or hand them down (good comditioned). You can even take them locally to your hospitals and cancer treatment center.

To learn more information including how to send your hats to MckMama, please visit here.

To grab this Caps for Cancer Kids button for your blog, please visit here

Please join me and many others to help keep our children warm this winter season.


Holly said...

You have been a busy mommy!! :) The cap campaign is a good one and I hope that many come in to help all the kids who have cancer.

Stephanie said...

Just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU for all your sweet words of encouragement on my blog this week! I have been overwhelmed by all the love, support, and prayers we've been given. God is SO good! I was just exploring your blog a little and hope to "get to know you" more. Who knows, maybe even someday we could meet since you live so close ;)

Kate said...

Have you tried overnight diapers? Molly used to pee through all the time, then we got the huggies overnights, and she has not peed through since. I can't wait to see the party you all are going to have!

Laura said...

Caps for Cancer kids is so amazing!

Have fun with all the birthday planning, 1st birthdays are exciting!

Love your blog and your son is so adorable! :)

Jenilee said...

mommies get to do a little bit of everything! :) the hats are precious. and your son is so cute!