Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday's Walk - "Washed By The Water"

Lynnette Kraft's Wednesday's Walk

For this week's Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane, I would like to share with everyone my past Sunday.

After morning service, we went back home to get a nap in for my son before joining the rest of our church at Spencer Lake, Christian Camp for the annual Summer Picinic Bash. There were volleyball tornaments, frisbee golf tornaments, mini golf, walking trails, beach for swimming equip with an inflatable "rock" climbing wall, a water trampoline, rafts, an enormous launching balloon, padboats, kyacks - you name - it was there!

We had a wonderful turn out and I want to share with you the best part of the picinic (for me).

Washed By The Water



Lynnette Kraft said...

Praising God with you April!!! What an event to remember and rejoice over!!!! Thank you Jesus. :)

Linda said...

April, I LOVE IT that you shared your baptism with us today on Wednesday's Walk. One of the most wonderful days of my life is when my husband and I got baptized together. And I absolutely love it when I witness baptisms at our church.

God's love is so amazing! It makes us want to follow Him in Baptism after true salvation!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Charisse said...

What an incredible memory to have. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Kate said...

Thank you so much for sharing with us! Congrats and welcome to the family! Praise the Lord!

croleyc69 said...

Thanx for sharing that & Praise God. So happy for you. Now that is a awesome memory. HUGS :)

Crystal said...

Great pics! What a beautiful day. Speaking of which, I'll look at the weather and hopefully plan something soon:) Miss you.

Faith said...

This is awesome! Congratulations!

Holly said...

What a wonderful Wed walk!!! ((doing a happy dance)) Hope the water wasn't too cold! :) The summer picnic bash sounds like so much fun! The baptism takes the cake!