Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How Big Is Baby Man?

It was amazing when he started imitating us, but now he's answering the questions.

He might be bit confused as to think that "HI" is related to the "SO BIG" motion because he doesn't do one with the other... that's our fault! Last night at dinner - I was working the "So Big" with him while Paul wanted him to learn "HI" first... :) He was getting both teaching from either side of the dinner table. So now we have a child who thinks the two motions are one in the same :)

Is there something on my face, Mama?
Ode to Cheerios!!



croleyc69 said...

He is so cute & I love it. I just love that age but believe me just seeing them grow is awesome cause they all our so different. Enjoy him , he's a cutie !!!!! :0)

Kate said...

What a cutie!

Holly said...

That's cute that he does that. They can catch onto things so fast. Yummy cheerios!

the brown couch said...

Hello April,
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the brown couch said...

Hi April,

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Shari said...

thank you for stopping my blog and leaving a comment. i look forward to more in the future. have a great week.

Amanda said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Everything you wrote is so true! By the way, your son is adorable! Love his beautiful eyes!