Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jackson's 6 Month Photos

Update for Sweet Kayleigh - 1 Pound Miracle:

Kayleigh does not seem to be showing any brain activity for several days now. Her muscle movements have also decreased to only flinches of her limbs when reacting to touches. The Freemans have decided to take Kayleigh home to see her bedroom that she was never able to play in and allow her brother and sister to hold her [whom have not been able to visit in the intensive care since August 08]. Aimee and Adam ask for prayers that God will lead them to make the decision that lie within His plans. Many believe while she is no longer responsive, that she is already by God's side playing with other angel babies that have left their earthy lives too soon. Sweet Kayleigh will be where there is no more hospital tubes, wires, monitors, no more needle pokes and medical tests, no more painful recovery from traumatic surgeries... there is no pain in heaven. Please pray for the Freemans to have peace in their remaining days with Kayleigh and lift them up so that God may carry them during these devastating times.
Photo Taken From Kayleigh Freeman's Blog

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Audreee said...

Super cute pictures! I love that you put him in a Hawaiin shirt.