Thursday, April 23, 2009

6 Month Stats

Baby Man went in to the doctor today for his 6 month appt. Naturally it was right at nap time, so he didn't do as well with the poking and prodding as he usually goes. Dr. K discussed with us our options for Jackson's ezcema - which still hasn't cleared up. We have been using 1% Hydrocortizone and seem to be chasing his rashes all over his body. We got a perscription for a stronger steriod dose that is suppose to clear it up nicely.

Jackson At birth:
7lbs 3oz. / 19 inches

... and Jackson 6 months old:
15 lbs. 4oz / 26.5 inches.

I would say Paul and I both thought his weight would higher than it actually is. 15lbs. 4oz only puts him in the 13% percentile. But his height makes up for it with 54% percentile. I would have assumed Jackson's head percentile would have followed suit with his father's - but apparently it's just average size at 52% [Who would have thought?]. I guess it only looks bigger because he's so skinny. Maybe that's why he can still fit in his 3-6 months clothing (all except the head of course). We had told Dr. K that Jax's spitting up has gotten better (still having our days though), and he didn't comment that Jackson's weight should be higher. Paul and I are not the biggest people around :)

He only needed two shots this time. But in combination with needing a nap, he didn't handle it very well. Poor guy. Of course, the rest of the night was great and went to bed alittle early because of the missed late afternoon nap. Thankful that God has given us a very thriving healthy baby.


amanda said...

wow. dustin was fifteen pounds and 26 inches at four months. shows how differently we are all made! he's way above 97 percent for his height. :0) he'll just be tall. he has his sixth month check up on monday i'm excited to see what he'll be!! your little man is such a cutie!!

Michal Ann said...

Your message to MckMamma was so precious. I just wanted to commend you for your love and sensitivity.

With God's love, Michal Ann


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...
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