Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kayleigh Needs Your Prayers!

Update for Kayleigh:

Kayleigh's father posted to keep their supporters informed on her situation. The tests seem to show that either during, or shortly after Kayleigh's surgery - there wasn't enough oxygen going to her brain and had caused the portion to stop functioning. She is showing unexplainable movements, however they are without purpose. Poor Kayleigh is not responding to her family in the way that she used to (sucking her fingers, touching their faces). The family is currently ordering more tests because they feel playing the waiting game may have a negative effect if there is something that can be done immediately to fix her poor condition. I admire Kayleigh's parents for the strong faith that guides them through her ups and downs. They are putting all their hope in God at this moment and we need to do the same. Please remember her for your prayers tonight. Thank you

Original Post:

I have been following Kayleigh's blog for quite awhile. [Her link is the pink feature along the right hand side of my page]. This little miracle was born three months early for several reasons and weighed only 1 lbs. She has been through so much during her nine month life inside the four walls of the hospital. Sweet Kayleigh has undergone SEVERAL operations including eye surgery, rhinoplasty, open heart surgery, bowel operations, trach, central lines, G- tube, Nissen, hernia repair, biopsies - you name it, this little fighter has been through it.

She has thrived to 10 lbs. now at nine/ten months and is recovery from last week's surgery (where she received four of the previously mentioned procedures). Kayleigh was showing good signs of recovery but now for unexplained reasons... she is slipping away. Her neural scans are showing flat lines, in other words - brain dead. They are many possibilites as to the cause, yet nothing it presenting itself. Sweet baby Kayleigh, after all this time of fighting seems to be losing her battle shortly before getting her chance to go home. These photos are from Kayleigh's Blog, taken around Easter Time.

God has worked wonders through the Freeman's this past year. I know that through Adam Freeman's blog entries God has drawn his children back to Him. He has made readers (like myself) open our eyes once again to the amazing things that only He can do. I refuse to believe this is the end of Kayleigh's story. She has brought me closer to God by reading her struggles and tribulations and then seeing the joy in the eyes of my healthy son. If her mission was to pull people like me, back into the light - she certainly accomplished God's work. I pray that God continues this work through their family. I pray that God will ease the family's heartache and keep their hope/faith strong - even when the doctors are showing not much hope is left. I pray that people all over the world will help to lift them high in prayer.

The family has asked for your prayers: [section of Kayleigh's blog]

"Lord Almighty, You are so amazing and your love is beyond greater than any words we could ever imagine. We are not blaming you one bit or nor are we angry at you for what is going on here because we trust in you and we love you with all of our hearts. We beg of you not to take our little girl from us. Heal her troubled body and give her the strength to make it through this devastating circumstance so she can come home to our family who anxiously awaits with open arms. Our faith is so strong and we know you are so powerful to do anything your will desires. If Kayleigh is ready to go to heaven to be with you, we completely understand, but then please give us the strength to live our lives without seeing her precious smile and filling our hearts with happiness every single day. Give us direction to continue to share her precious story to help so many others come to know you Lord, love each other and find hope in their own journeys. We know that we are here to prepare our lives for eternity with you, so we trust that your decision is the right decision. We are just not ready to say "Goodbye, for now." Please Lord, Help us!!!


Jamie said...

What a great post...I'm passing it along to others to get her on some more prayer lists.

amanda said...

thanks for your comment! we actually go to a home church that is affiliated with calvary chapel. we used to attend the one in appleton until we had this one close to home. (hence the baby dedication in the garage!) it's so nice to 'meet' you as well, and lord willing we may meet in person one day! either that or we eternity. :0) it's SOOO SOOO nice to meet other 'young' christian mommies!!