Monday, April 20, 2009

Are You Following Me, Camera Guy?

Lately, Jackson has been making some new interesting faces. We can't seem to figure out if they are excited faces, hyper faces or letting us know something is about to happen...

Now - I know I must have been dreaming still when I woke to look out the window yesterday [or today for that matter!]. Snow? At the end of April? I know I wasn't imagining the sunburn I got from laying outside on Thursday last week. My nose still turns white when I press on it :) Refer to previous post to see me wearing shorts / short sleeves.

We had a great weekend. Pretty mellow I would say. Jackson always enjoys the weekend because that means he gets to spend a lot of time with Daddy. They read books together, Daddy showed off his world famous dance moves (anything to get the belly laughs out of the Baby Man), and Jax was even sharing some of his own stories; complete with sounds effects and projecting liquid props (yes - spit up). You think it's bad when it's just milk, try cleaning up sweet potatoes the second time around :)

Jackson has decided lately that 6am is the new 7am. Mom is less than thrilled. She just needs to get to bed earlier at night and it won't be so bad! This morning was closer to 7am again, but that's because he had a difficult time falling asleep last night :( Can you believe Jax will 6 MONTHS tomorrow?!? I remember being amazed when I was typing "Jax is 6 WEEKS old today!" Far cry! He has really started to show us alot of new things in the past week or so. I am starting a Milestone List to track his developments. I will post again after his 6 month appt. on Thursday!

Side note: If anyone is on Twitter - let me know!

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amanda said...

hi. i found you through kelli's blog. and am from wisconsin too. chilton actually. and i think your boy is so adorable. ANNNNND my son is the same age. with the same birthday!! october 22nd!! i noticed that it said he was 6 months old on his age ticker. how crazy?! did you deliver at st.e's? if so...we delivered on the same day! i know it was super busy there at that time. i even was moved to the peds wing my last night there! isn't it crazy this world is so small. yet so amazingly huge. :0) god is so good!