Monday, April 27, 2009

Somebody STOP Me!!

I am a photo shooting lunatic and I just can't control myself! Save me from myself!!

This weekend was pretty lazy. My allergies came back with a vengance on Saturday and it nearly incapacitated me... the benadryl that is! My wonderful husband stepped up to plate without hesitation - sent me to bed with my kleenex and took care of our son all day! I woke up a few times to feed him, but Daddy was the Father of the Year!! I woke up at 6pm to find that Jackson had already taken his bath [normally a family task] - and was ready for bed. I felt like the day flew by and I barely saw either of them! We were able to get Jackson's 6 month photos taken at Sears this weekend. (see previous post for the most adorable 6 month old you've ever seen!!)

Jackson kept telling me today that I was prettiest birthday mom he has ever seen and wanted to shower me with his slobbery kisses! Paul brought home red roses and a spa package for a Hydro (Water) massage, a hot stone massage and a facial at Agea Spa in Appleton!! I haven't ever received that sort of treatment before. I would have to say he hit the jackpot on that gift! My body hasn't felt right since January 2008!! :) It's time I feel like a 25 year old!

If you follow any of the blogs that I do - you will be happy to hear that Stellan is going home!! After over five weeks of hospitalization, Stellan is finally going to be reunited with the rest of his family. He has a heart condition that causes his heart to beat dangerously fast. Stellan received a heart ablation a few weeks ago that unfortuantely didn't seem to be the fix they were hoping for. But after more studying of his heart rhythms, after several tests/procedures were performed and after thousands of people prayed... his condition seems to be under control. I believe the whole world is rejoicing in God's great work through Stellan's story as it has made international headlines. Stellan's mother MckMama, has been a true believer and has kept her readers posted on hour to hour updates of her son's progress. It is amazing to see the miracles God has performed for this family and like many other families who have experienced His touch - they have helped people/readers/viewers open their lives to feel His love as well. Can you imagine this family reunion?!? Praise God! (Photo taken from MckMama's blog, first time Stellan has worn normal clothes in 5 weeks, playing in hotel room)


Jamie said...

It was yesterday, huh? Mine is next week on Weds so we are b-day buddies, too.

Your hubby sounds like the nicest guy ever between taking Jax on Sunday and bringing you such wonderful birthday gifts.

Samantha said...

Hi April, There is absolutely no need to apologise. He is a cutie and I don't blame you for being drawn into them! You were lovely enough to comment, it didn't matter, you don't usually get other family members blogging about a child!!

Thank you for your insightful words also, they rang true with me :)

PS. Happy Belated Birthday for Monday!!