Friday, May 1, 2009

The Hulk says "Let Me Free!" (updated)

We have been in the process of weaning Jax of his swaddle. It seemed a moot point after constantly needing to reswaddle him after he hulks himself out free. We were unsure of what we were going to encounter considering he has been swaddled since he was born. We are certain that was the trick for our little man that helped him to sleep straight through the night at 2 months old and ever since. It doesn't work for every baby, but it did for ours. We had taken baby steps and first started to leave one arm out. We needed to see what that lone soldier would do with his new found freedom. After a month of not waking himself up, despite the constant face rubbing... we decided to go all the way~ This happened to be right around the same time that he figured out how to roll over - in the swaddle! Thanks to our video monitor we were able to see he had rolled onto his belly and didn't have his arms free to help him back. Mind you - this was while trying to get to sleep in the first place. We don't he's quite capable of rolling around in his sleep yet. The draw back for this deswaddling movement seems to be waking up earlier in the morning. About 1.5 hour early... again Momma doesn't think it's funny. But after a couple nights of tears, he's taken to the new adjustment quite well. Doesn't wake up during the night, so that's all we can really ask for.

My allergies are still out to get me! Today was horrific! Of course being that I am breastfeeding, my selection of medications (that actually get rid of the symptoms) are very slim. So - instead I have decided to solve half of the problem and set our cats free... :) Just Kidding - but don't think I haven't been tempted to accidentally leave the garage door open a time or two. There must be a sign on my forehead that tells my cat "Hey - now would be the WORST time to come cuddle up all over me!" And just to spite me - he does it!! I am hoping for some clarity in the next days so I can enjoy the outdoor with my baby.

Well, we sold the Sunfire... the brakes finally went out completely! Unfortuantely, Paul was getting off the off ramp when realizing it. Thank God there was no accident, only a very deep ditch to slow him down. The neighbor across the street likes to work on cars so he asked to buy it. He had bought a 2 year old riding lawn mower from a friend knowing we are in dire need of one- so we traded! We collected a bit more for the value of the car, that along with some side jobs Paul has been doing lately, will make our next home projects a little easier to swallow. Next on the list - water softener and april aire system.

I went to Kohls earlier this week to - what?.. shop for myself? Get out!! Ha! I had to reteach myself how to do that! I used some birthday money, along with my 15% off coupon - I got $50 worth of clothes basically for free :) I bought several short sleeve tops for summer, along with a few tank tops. Ok ok, I also got a few things for Jackson, BUT - they were really priced down and come on - you don't expect me to leave Kohls without checking out the baby department do you? I went back later in the week with a gift cert. from my parents in law (thanks!), and got a pair of running (ok-walking) pants and a white tee to write my March of Babies names on for the walk! Also, I picked up a water bottle for the walk and a nice pair of sandals. I am pretty happy with how far I could stretch these gifts (of money) by waiting for Kohl's sales and my membership discounts.


We went to a picnic today, north of Green Bay. We went to see the Dietrich's family. Julia and Greg were celebrating the birth of their first son (Feb. 10th). They are all so nice to accept Paul and I as a part of their family :) Paul and Joe's friendship stems back 23 years. It was so fun to watch Nathan and Jackson interact with each other (which increases with each visit). Ella loved running around the playground with her two cousins. We had a great afternoon despite the bitter wind that kept us in the pavillion most of the time. We don't see our friends enough, but are always appreciative for the time we do have together. Joe and Allison have family up here and we have family down by them, so that makes our trips more frequent.

I have decided to sign up for a photography class at Neenah Fox Valley Tech in September. I have been experimenting a great deal with my awesome camera (Paul bought me Christmas of 2005). I know that sounds so long ago, but it's still a really nice camera. I am such a visual person and trying to read from a textbook or the camera's manual is a foreign language to me. I wanted to sign up for the summer course, but fewer classes are available then and I am NOT driving 45 mins. to Waupaca every Monday. No thanks!
Please keep my blog babies in your prayers, you can visit each one through my links along the right side column. Enjoy the warm weather as it slowly creeps in!


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amanda said...

i love the pictures so cute!! what class are you taking? i've been wanting to look into taking a class after getting my new dslr. so maybe we'll be in class together?! if you don't mind sending me the info i'd appreciate it! thanks!!