Monday, January 10, 2011

Starting a NEW blog

I have been toying around with the idea of starting a new blog. I originally started this blog because I was pregnant with my first child and wanted to keep all my friends and family updated on my progress as well as having a documented journal of that time. I have shared tons of experiences that come along with first time motherhood and have met some amazing friends along the way. I have also walked through my second pregnancy and shared my thoughts about what having two children would be like.

Now I am here - raising a 2 year old and a 4 month old and I don't have time to regularly blog about my life. Much of my time now is just taking things a day at a time. I don't have as many concerns and questions with my daughter because I have nurtured a newborn before. I feel pretty confident this time around :) But I also have the added bonus (or blessing) of a more 'at ease' attitude. So while I don't at all feel relaxed at the end of the day - I do have more patience and the ability to take a deep breath when my toddler dumps his shaved nuts all over my couch rather than frankly attempt to clean them up.

I do feel as though a weight has been lifted now that the holidays are over and I think you all can agree in your own ways. The past six months for me has been one project after another.

June - Redecorate Jackson's room from "baby boy" to "little boy"
July - Was a million projects to prepare for baby #2
August - Jaelyn's Nursery
Sept & Oct - From Sept. 7 - Oct. 22nd, we have 7 little kid's birthdays including our own two children. I handmade alot of their gifts which took a while.
Nov & Dec - started making christmas gifts (many of which I had shared, but didn't get into detail) including all of those 7 little kids I mentioned above.

My current project is Jaelyn's Dedication dress. My sweet mother in law has been helping me make her dress out of my wedding dress. YUP! I took a scissors to my wedding dress and have used the fabric to design a dress for Jaelyn. It's almost done and I can't wait to show you! It's precious and I absolutely love it!!

So now that January is here, I am able to exhale a good long sigh of relief. I loved making the gifts/projects and would really like to share the tutorials I discovered with all of you. I would like to show you how simple these creative projects were and take you through how I did them. I just love exploring other blogs that generously offer up their talents for the world to behold and I would love to participate as well. Having said that, I believe I will be abandoning this journal blog (for a while at least) and focus more on a crafty blog. 

I had started AprilAccents two years ago and didn't do anything with it this past year (by my own chosing). I have still been selling some pieces I have made to friends and family, but I don't have the energy to keep up with a "business blog". So I would like to incorperate that into the new blog that I start. I hope that you will all venture into this next journey with me and give me feedback and encouragement, project ideas and your own tutorials.

I haven't started creating the blog yet, so it will be a little while until it's ready. Until then...  



Anonymous said...

I will look forward to reading your new blog.

Allison said...

I keep saying I'm going to be better at keeping up with my blog...but it's already 2 weeks into the new year...and no new post. Whatever. :) I know where you're coming from!

Holly said...

I'm def not blogging as much but trying to keep up for the sake of my friends and family that I know read it and actually want to know about our life!! It's a lot harder now to keep up.