Friday, August 27, 2010

Updates, Projects and 36 week check up

Wow, I feel like I have seriously fallen out of BlogLand! My life has been so hectic trying to tie up all the loose ends before Jaelyn makes her arrival. I still have an extensive "grocery / to do list" to accomplish. I am able to cross a few tasks off, only to tack a few more on. It's never ending really!

We are going to be throwing Jackson's 2nd birthday party a month early because we really want him to have the party he deserves. I was afraid that by holding a party on his birthday, having a brand new baby girl in the house - everyone would be so interested in meeting her for the first time, that Jackson wouldn't get the attention he should on his birthday. Not to mention that last year, 4 out of the 5 little kids had terrible colds (end of October) and I don't want to expose a 4 week old baby to all of that. So I have begun planning Jax's 2nd birthday, the theme will be "Trains". I certainly won't be taking it to the level as I did for his 1st birthday, so I still have plenty of things to gather and plan.

I had my 36 week check up today. First exam and I was quite thrilled to see the progress I have made already.

1-2 cm dialated
60% effaced
Position -2

Way more progress than I expected. At the same time, I have this inkling that I will be at this stage for about 3 weeks :P But to try my best so that doesn't happen, I plan to be sitting/bouncing on the ball a lot in the next few weeks and continue our evening walks around the block. I haven't gained anymore weight since my 34 week appt (which is perfectly alright by me). Baby's HR = 150s.

Here are a few things that I have been working on. I made a few flower clips (for myself) by burning the edges of chiffon and organza fabric. I literally searched the clearance/discount table at Joann's and grabbed a bunch of different colors. I ended up getting roughly 4" from each color at $0.22 a strip. I spent a total of $2.10 and have been making beautiful flowers for bobby pins and headbands.

I also have started to make a few props for a friend of mine who has her own photography business. I have been making a few different crochet hats for newborn/infant photos. I am about to start on a stork/cocoon sling that you can place the baby in and gently hang for an adorable photo opt. Visit this Etsy site to see the creations I plan to make. I purchased 3 patterns from the seller at $9 total.

We had a wonderful visit last weekend. My good friend Allison and her family came up to spend part of the weekend at our house. It's so fun seeing how the kids interact with each other as time goes by. I also love posting older photos of them all together!

This Past weekend - Summer 2010

New Year's Eve 2009

2009 - March

And just to add a few of my darling little man who will soon be a big brother....



Allison said...

Great progress! And what precious pictures of the kids. Nathan looks so funny in the oldest one! What cuties! Ella just looks like a big girl now, huh? Beautiful hair clips. As my hair keeps growing, I may be hitting you up for some! See you soon.

croleyc69 said...

Such wonderful pics and Wow on the progress. I know you have been busy there is so much to do it never ends. I remember when I came home from my Dr appt and I knew Carly was coming soon , I was still packing stuff for the kids a hr before I left to go to the hospital. I like the idea of the party early. Jax is really getting big. Beautiful hair clips.

Miss ya & take care

Kate said...

Not looking forward to the exam part! I hate those! But hooray for already being dilated!! The hair flowers are soo cute!! Our friend just did a train theme for her 2 year old, they called it "all aboard the two two train!" Have fun and remember to relax!!

amanda said...

can't believe you're almost ready to meet miss jaelyn!! i love the update. and i think it's great to do jackson's party the month before. love the pictures!!

Holly said...

You're making good progress so far as far as dilation and whatnot. I haven't been checked yet but I'm thinking next wk will be the first one. I hope I have some progress too!

The clips are adorable! Really like them!! And I can totally relate to being so busy with getting everything ready. I feel so busy all the time and I feel like I hardly have time to post. Although sometimes I stay up a little later to get it done but then I'm tired the next day. Good thing Kyndra still takes naps!!

I think that's a good idea about having his party early.