Monday, July 5, 2010

Project #6 Baby Booties

I made these booties a couple of nights ago from a pattern in a book I purchased. I was not entirely thrilled with the way they turned out. They are definitely cute, but the shape of the toes are a bit non symmetrical. Kinda looks like two left shoes to me :) Also, because of that... the buttons appear to be on the wrong sides because of the orientation of the shoes. I just am not skilled enough sewing in tight curves with such small pieces. All the projects I have done so far have been made of strictly straight lines, so this was a challenge. I will probably only have the patience to make one more pair. These are 0-3 mos, and the new ones will be 3-9 mos.

I have been making alot of these flowers (like the ones from mobile). I have turned them into hair clips and brooches. You can follow Heather Bailey's tutorial here.



玉苓玉苓 said...
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Leslee said...

Soooooo cute!!!

What do you use as a fasterner?

Holly said...

I think the booties are adorable! And I love that you turned the flowers into clips and such. It looks awesome in your hair.

I've been looking at some fabric online for possibly redoing the nursery. It is such a challenge! I have no idea what fabrics would go well together. I really love the Amy Butler prints.