Saturday, July 3, 2010

29 weeks along

How far along? 29 weeks PHEW! Chugga Chugga. At 28w 3d I measured at 29 weeks. SO I am still measuring a bit ahead. Due date is still Sept. 20th.

Total weight gain/loss: 15 lbs. gained at this point. Almost exactly the weight I gained with Jax at 28 weeks. Although, I was 5 lbs. heavier to start with his pregnancy.

Maternity clothes? Definitely. I wear Paul's t shirts to bed because I don't like the feeling of tight tanktops while sleeping. I wear either normal shorts/capris that have a drawstrip or elastic waist (although the thighs are getting tighter now :P) But wear maternity clothes the rest of the time.

Stretch marks? Nothing new yet. I used "Revitol" with Jackson and only get 2 tiny marks on my side at the 37 weeks mark. I noticed that I got a few more stretch marks AFTER having Jax because I lost the weight SO fast. This pregnancy I haven't bought any Revitol yet, but need to!

Best moment this week? I just enjoy feeling her move around. It felt like she was trying to come out my belly button earlier today :P

Gender: GIRLY GIRL! Yes, we have chosen a name, but will wait to share it for a little while yet.

Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks come and go. For a week, I will feel them about twice day, then nothing for a few days straight - repeat. I can feel her sitting lower in my belly, which is evident between my 23week and 29weeks photos.

Belly Button in or out? Half out

What I miss:
Not having to hold my breath when I bend over to pick up something.
Not having to remember to take acid reducer meds before a risky meal (heart burn issues).
Not having siactic nerve spams...
Not having excurciating tail bone pain everytime I sit down and stand up. May see a PT about it...

What I am looking forward to: Completing the nursery.
bed skirt
crib mobile
various wall decor

To do:
Paint the walls
Order crib
order dresser/changing table unit
order bumper
purchase fitted crib sheets
a million other non nursery related, BUT baby related things...



Three Calhouns said...

You look so pretty!!!

Holly said...

Oh that is SUCH a cute dress on you and I love the color! You look so great!! I have to post my weekly update yet. Gonna try to either do that today or tomorrow.

I think I'm gonna try out some of Kari's (ps love love) belly cream that she makes. Sounds like it's good stuff! I'm all our of my cocoa butter but I still have my Bio-Oil.


Great belly pic. Love the dress. Glad you are having a great pregnancy.

Leslee said...

Look at you - Just A.Dorable!!!

Sounds like everything is going along well...

Just love all of your craftiness and your simple to follow instructions! Good luck on the shoes... :-)

Melinda said...

You look beautiful. Love the belly pic...its just perfect. Actually makes me miss being pregnant :-)

amanda said...

you are dashing in that picture. absolutely beautiful!! i can't believe you're almost 30 weeks already. crazy how time flies!!

do you see a chiropractor at all. it's really helped with my pain. jamie at integrity chiropractic (on college ave) is super good, and specializes in women and pediatric care for chiropractic care. :)

Lynnette Kraft said...

Ah, look at the pretty lady in yellow. Truly stunning. You are beautiful April.