Monday, May 3, 2010

18 months old

WOW - A year and half old already. My My!

Jackson has certainly taken over this household! His curiosity (especially at new places) is exhausting for Paul and I. He gets into everything. That can make visiting with other people in new settings a challenge when one of us needs to be following Jax around. But what he understands is just amazing! Even though he can't always communicate what he wants to - he gets alot!

Jackson Adam
                           At 15 months:      At 18 months:

Weight:                21.3 lbs.   (8%)                  23.4 lbs     (17%)
Height:                 31 inches  (48%)                32.5 inches (54%)

Biggest achievement is the increase in weight percentile. Remember Project PUJ? Finally!! We are in double digits for his weight percentile! HURRAY! 17% may not seem like alot for most of you, but when Jackson was 9 months old - he was in the 5%. And so ended my breastfeeding era.

Jackson Currently...

-loves to run run run
-loves to immitate faces and sounds
-can speak quite clearly on words he has mastered, other words are only partially spoken (Bus = Bu)
-loves slides and swingsets
-loves to go "bye bye". Enjoys short car rides and points out planes, trains and other vehicles.
-calls ALL other children "baby", no matter how old they are :)
-has gotten extremely attached to daddy and wants to be with him at all times
-is playing very well with other child, will still favor other children's toys to the one in his own hands... but doesn't always try to take it from them.
-has learned how to push himself along on his ride on toys
-loves to climb into and sit in his rocking chair (birthday present) that is kept in the living room
-would eat bread and crackers for breakfast, lunch and dinner if given the opportunity
-hates green beans and broccoli
-doesn't like chocolate, ice cream (too cold maybe?) or cake. Although he will eat a few bites from a cookie

Mommy and Daddy Love You, Munchkin!!



amanda said...

it's so hard to believe that our boys are 18 months old. dustin is only about a pound bigger than jackson. and an entire inch. dustin is my smallest kiddo at this age. i'm glad that he's in the double digits!!

hope you're feeling well!

Amber said...

18 Months! What a big boy :)

Kelly said...

Wow, he's getting so big!!!

Holly said...

Happy 18 months Jackson!! :)

Glad to hear he's in the double digit percentile! That's awesome! Hopefully those numbers keep climbing.

That's amazing he doesn't like chocolate, ice cream, or cake! Kyndra likes all of those. lol Kyndra sure loves her yogurt though.

croleyc69 said...

Happy 18 months and he is growing so much. What a cutie !!! :)

Jamie said...

mine just mastered their push toys this week!

I can't wait-- 2 days until you find out!

AFD said...

My Godson is getting so big! It's hard to believe that we were pregnant with our boys at the same time and now you're pregnant with #2. Time sure does fly!

jordan wood said...

Hi there! I follow Holly's blog and came across ur vlog via a link in one of her posts : ) I enjoy reading ur posts on your son b/c my son is just a month younger. I TOTALLY understand you on the weight thing. Jayden has always been on the small side as well. At 17 months he only weighs 20 lbs and 8 oz. and is 34 inches long

sanjeet said...

That's awesome! Hopefully those numbers keep climbing.
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