Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Compelling Story

This story was brought to my attention by a close friend of mine. Through the chain of friendship and power of support, I am convicted to pay it forward.

Please take a moment to read Jenn's compelling letter which introduces her cousin, Ashley. Ashley is a proactive hard working woman whom dispite her cystic fibrosis, has achieved a college education and earned herself a steady career. Through her struggles to live a reasonable level of normalcy in her life - Ashley has forfeited her Disablility and Social Security benefits which would have allowed her access to a much needed lung transplant. But because she was able to achieve a steady career - she is left with no help and was rejected from the donor list due to insurance restrictions. Apparently, your insurance companies can not dictate your life expectancy...

Please visit Ashley's blog "Gift of Breathing" and show her your support.
Keep Ashley Kennen Breathing is linked on her sidebar.

To make your contribution, please visit Ashley's National Transplant Assistant Fund page.

Please pray for Ashley and see if God lays anything on your heart that will help support her in her financial struggle to keep living.



Allison said...

Thank you April for posting this. You are very well-spoken and I appreaciate it very much!

Kari @ p.s. said...

Great story to pass along. Will go over and read it now!

jenn said...

April - Thank you so much for your kind words and for posting this. It is so wonderful that we have such amazing and kind people like you.

April said...

Thanks for sharing this story, I donated because of it...I am having some health issues and I know that the support I've been recieveing has been invaluable and I'm glad I could make a drop in her bucket of need :)

Ashley said...

April, thank you. Those words are used to loosely, but I am grateful. I agree with paying it forward, that's why I went into the medical field after being a patient my whole life. I plan on paying it forward once my transplant is done, and my energy is back. I want to leave my mark and change lives. Thank you again for the posting and Jenn and I are blessed to have people like you around.

Holly said...

Thanks for sharing April!