Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Deals and More

This morning, my neighbor and I strapped the kids in the car and ventured out for our first rummage sale scavange of the season. I was so proud of the children! Jackson and his friend Breanna (13 mos) did amazingly well being pulled in and out of the car for 4 hours :) As long as we had juice and snacks on hand - the kiddos were happy.

I was pretty satisified with my findings. I purchased all of these clothes for less than $12, most being Old Navy or Gap. Pretty Good huh? Notice the adorable little girly swimsuits? I can't believe I purchased them without even knowing what this little treasure IS yet. But that particular rummage sale had overstock items from Babies R Us, selling each brand new suit for $3.00 a pop (tag marked $12.99). I couldn't help myself. Of course it will be gut wrenching to have to give those away as a gift... if this little treasure proves to be more of masculine variety :)

My parents gave me a generous gift card to Kohl's for my birthday next week - under the condition that I only spend it on myself. Hard to do when the children's dept had such good sales this week. Most racks - 55% off!! Needless to say, I did purchase a few things for Jax (on my own Kohl's charge). These are the items I picked out for myself with the gift card.
A non maternity dress from the junior dept. I don't know how much longer I can keep shopping in that dept. The clothes just look a lot younger to me now. But this one will have great flexiblity for my ever growing belly. And two fitted knit tops that are also very stretchy, so I can wear them for a while yet.

I also picked out these converse shoes which I am can't wait to wear with a pair of capris.

And the last thing I picked out was a much needed wall clock for our vaulted ceiling. We had a regular size clock up there which looked so tiny compared to the size of the wall. These large wall clocks always run over $100, so I was thrille to get this one at 55% off.

And lastly, I have been spending my days watching my son from this angle as my belly has grown to the size I was at 24 weeks with my first pregnancy.

This little munchkin has been getting into all sort of mischief - hence the sly look as he types on my computer!

Over all, life has been busy. We are patiently waiting for the really nice weather to come our way. In the meantime - we will continue to wear our jackets and get outside to run off some bottled up energy!


Kelly said...

What adorable clothes!! I'm hoping for a girl for you!!! :) Girls are soo much fun...I know boys are too though!

Kate said...

I love rummage sales! Can't wait to hit some up! Great buys!!

croleyc69 said...

I love rummage sales and yard sales or whatever. I remember when I had Ridge I dressed him in a lot of name brands and I really didn't pay full price.
I hope you have a girl they are a lot of fun.

amanda said...

oh i love rummage sales!! it's probably a good thing i don't live up in appleton-ish area because i'd be gone all the time!! i hit up a few yesterday in our town and got great deals too. it's so much fun! plus my friend was nice enough to watch my kiddos so i could go by myself! even nicer. :0)

Holly said...

It's been a while since I've been to any time or rummage/yard/garage sale or any type of thrift store. You got some good finds! And I hope you will be able to use those swimsuits! ;)

I'm glad you got to spend the gift card on yourself. That dress will look cute on you! I know what you mean about the junior dept. I find it harder to shop in there too! I want to find me some nice summer dresses for this summer. I should start looking!

Holly said...

I'm back for another comment. lol

I really like how that clock looks on your wall. Just had to say that!

And that view is becoming familiar over here! It's crazy to have the belly that I have already! I'm not used to it!

Leslee said...

You did a great job at the rummage sales! Even better at Kohl's! LOVE the dress you found and the kicks (sneakers) are a.dorable!

Your photo of Jax over your pregnant belly is precious!

Allison said...

I love all the stuff you got! Garage sales are fun, but I am learning that they are A LOT of work to organize. I hope you get to use that girly bathing suit, but if not, we'll just have to trade it in for some super cute swimming trunks! :) Can't wait to see you, Jax, and your belly. :)

Anonymous said...

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