Sunday, April 18, 2010

March For Babies Ideas

Last year was my first year walking and raising money for March For Babies. I joined my friend's small team and we raised a decent amount between three of us. This year, I decided to start my own team and our numbers have grown. It was great to be accompanied by more people. I am already brainstorming for next year because I want my team to grow and I want to keep this going.

My friend Holly and I both volunteer weekly at our church in the Children's & Family Ministry. Her little boy Cole is a month older than Jax. And we are both pregnant now, due Sept. 12th and Sept. 18th!

On top of raising donations through the website, next year I want to hold an online auction. I plan to use this blog as an avenue to hold an auction of wonderful gifts that will be bid upon and all the proceeds will benefit March for Babies. I would love to hear your feedback!

1. Would you help me advertise to all your followers next year that this auction is being held?

2. Would you be willing to donate a gift?
Possibly something home/handmade
A service that you could provide such as blog designing or personal monogramming.
Would you lump together a bunch of gently used children's clothes that someone could bid on?

3. Is this auction something you would be willing to participate in as a bidder? I would love for this to be a success next year - so please tell me if you feel I do not have a big enough audience to pull this off.

Thanks everyone!

And dont forget to vote for Boy OR Girl!!



Holly said...

We have a bigger team this year too. :)

That's so nice that your friend Holly is pregnant with you too. (and I'm not talking about me either! lol) I don't have anyone IRL pregnant and due around the same time as me this time.

I really like your idea for the walk next year. I think that's great! I would totally advertise for you and I would most likely bid on the items depending on what they were and if I wanted/needed them. I don't really make anything homemade but I'd be willing to do something!

Holly said...
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Holly said...

Hope you are feeling better! Sorry I double posted!

Kate said...

I would totally advertise and bid. I am not sure about donating, I could buy something to donate but I am not crafty, so no one would bid on my contribution! What great ideas!

{:miss v:} said...

I think that that is a fabulous idea! I'd participate in anyway I'm able!

croleyc69 said...

I would help out however I could. Just let me know when it gets time again.
Ilove your idea !!!!

amanda said...

i would help out totally. and as long as i'm still selling wildtree could throw together a little gift basket for it! :0)

Rachel said...

Hi there! Yes, I would love to bid on items for the March! :)

睿玄 said...