Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Allergies, Moby Wrap and Outdoor Fun!

My allergies have been ruthless! I just want to claw my eyes out and rip off my nose!! I have had seasonal allergies since I was eight years old. Living with them for almost 20 years, I have been on every medication out there. Each springtime you will see another new commerical on tv advertizing a new allergy medication because most people (and if you're like ME) will build a fast tolerance to the medicine. So what worked last year - doesn't work this year! Being pregnant - my options are very slim! I have been taking the generic brand of zrytec which is a preventive, meaning you have to get into your system before it starts doing its job. And when you have a bad attack - this isn't going to immediately fight it. (That's where you need a Benadryl). These meds needs to be taken every morning and every night. I don't like taking 2 pills a day for my allgeries when I am pregnant. But if you have never had them... you have NO idea!

Lately, even this medicine isn't cutting it. I don't know what's going on with the pollen/trees/grass, but it's horrible! That irritating itch behind your nose that feels like a sneeze is approaching... just lingers and lingers and is impossible scratch! That past few years haven't been that terrible (and believe me, I have a high tolerance to allergy irriatation) but this week has gotten me down! UGH!

Enough complaining....

A few days ago my new Moby Wrap arrived in the mail! Sweet Melinda sold me her gently used cream colored wrap and I can't wait to start practicing with it. The weight limit is 35 lbs, which is just crazy for me to think I could carry Jackson in it LOL Thanks Melinda!

More exciting things for us... I was in the market for hitting the rummages this spring for outdoor play toys for Jackson. This year will be quite a bit different than last year because he just sat on a blanket last summer. My neighbor had told me that I would really need to keep an eye out for those rummages advertising slides and sandboxes because those items are hot ticket. Low and behold - over Easter my mother in law gave us the outdoor play equipment that she had gotten from a rummage sale a few years prior. She had purchased them at an awesome deal for our nephews but they have out grown the toys. So this Sunday I spent a few mins cleaning them up. What's the point in purchasing these items at full price in the store when they just get beaten up and weathered? I am so happy to have something for Jackson to play with now!



TIFFANY said...

I may have missed this in another post somewhere, but have you ever tried a Neti Pot for your allergies. I finally gave in and got one this year and it has made a world of difference. My husband came in from work yesterday and said "I'm surprised you're still standing." I asked him why and he said "haven't you seen the yellow tint to the air today?" I hadn't even noticed the pollen. I highly recommend it. Oh, and it's safe to use when you're pregnant.

Holly said...

I'm sorry that your allergies have been hitting you hard. The pollen is really bad this year (so I hear)! I hope you can find something that will give you some relief! What the above poster mentioned is interesting. Sounds promising!

Hope you like your Moby! You can have your hubby do a test run with it since it might not be too comfy for you with your belly.

I hope Jackson enjoys his new stuff! It's definitely better to get the secondhand stuff. I don't think Anthony and I have even bought anything new like that for Kyndra. It's all used!

camilynn said...


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Kate said...

I want to get Molly some outdoor toys, too. So we are waiting to find some at rummage sales also! Sorry about the allergies. Mine usually are really bad, for some reason I am ok right now. Poor Molly, she is really bad!!

Melinda said...

Yea! So glad you go the Moby! I know you'll just love it! Sorry to hear about your allergies...hope you find a solution soon! And your little one looks perfectly happy on his new slide! Precious!

Leslee said...

Awwww, poor girl! Allergies and pregnant - had similar issues. The Neti pot was not around for me, but I had read wonderful comments about it!

Looks like your little man will have hours of fun playing outside this summer...

amanda said...

oh sorry for the allergies. no fun!!

how great to get a moby! you'll love it!!

and what a blessing on the toys. i love rummaging for fun things like that!!

hope you have a great weekend!