Friday, January 29, 2010

My 1st Day Off in 15 mos. & Vampires

Wow - when my mother had asked if she could take Jackson home with her for a few days... I hesitated at first. I have never been away from him for a full night before (let alone 2 nights). The opportunity hadn't really presented itself where I needed to be without him over night. Of course if there is anyone to take my son where I don't have to be nervous or worry about a thing - it's my mom.

So on Thursday afternoon, I said goodbye to my son as my mom drove away with him. I was more sad than I originally thought I would be. It hit me while we were cuddling on the couch before he left. But Mommy Time is something that every mom raves about, right? So what was I going to do with my time?

I didn't have set plans... but being sick as NOT on my agenda. At yet - here it came... smashing through the door on Thursday morning. It's now Friday and I am not really enjoying myself as I had hoped I would. I slept in laid awake in bed until 9am, then dragged myself out of bed. I just knew I needed to get out of house. If you've read my last few posts - you'll know that I have been physically feeling the effects of cabin fever. I couldn't stay here with a dull body ache and a stuff noses! So I met Paul for lunch (Kleenex box riding shotgun). The frigged cold air actually felt good on my sinuses. After lunch I went to the bookstore. Best decision I could have made! I spent 1.5 hours browsing the bookstore. Before I became a mother, I would spend HOURS walking around the book store.

If you have been to one recently - notice the craze with the vampires? Oh My Goodness! I knew that Twilight was a big thing (read them when they came out), but man - did Stephanie Meyer ever start something!! There were hundreds of "spin off - wanna be Twilight" books stocking the shelves. Long gone are the Nancy Drew days! The teen section was exploding with twisted vampiral love story - fiction novels. Even the adult romance (Smutt novels as I call them) section has been bitten! I seriously think I even saw a vampire shopper! PALE flawless skin, dark high collared long tailored coat... you know the type!

I was a vampire obsessor when vampires weren't cool! LOL That sounds ridiculous, but true. In all this vampire talk lately - how is it that I haven't heard one thing about Anne Rice? Now those novels were ADULT and quite twisted if you ask me. But let me tell you! - Lestat would beat the pants off Edward any day ;) I can see the compelling movement of these new age vampires because they are set in modern day - in modern hometown school, most of them are teenagers and so that grips the identifiable audience. Where as most (not all) of Anne Rice's settings were ancient. They had a wicked flare of fictional history that added to the riveting, intertwined story lines and created a true old fashion, old English environment. If you want a real vampire story - I recommend starting with The Interview With The Vampire! ;)

Still, after 1.5 hours - I left the store with only a baby board book for Jackson. But I don't regret my time spent there at all!



AFD said...

I'm glad you got out of the house for a while. I'm sure it did you some good! Feel better!

Veronnica Watson said...

Good for you! I love alone time. In fact, I'm planning a day trip with some girlfriends for hopefully tomorrow! I'm excited!

Have a great weekend! ;)

Mom and Dad said...

And we are loving the time with Baby man!! It is going way too fast!! We have enjoyed every minute. LOVE YOU!!

Kate said...

Yea for the time away! Keep enjoying yourself, you deserve it!!

Veronica said...

Yay for alone time! You're doing great and you know what, it's totally normal to feel sad when you're away from them, especially for more than just a few hours. Hope you allowed yourself the chance to enjoy your time alone tonight. I saw your comments and it looks like all is well with Jackson and Grandma! :)

amanda said...

how nice of your mom! that's super great. but that stinks you had to get sick on top of it!

Holly said...

Wow, April, I give you many, many kudos on letting Jackson spend the night with your mom. Kyndra is 2 and she still hasn't spent a night without me. lol Of course, it's more me than anything. lol But if I did let her spend the night with anyone it would be with my mom or my sister. I prolly should take advantage of the fact that they would watch her and have a weekend for Anthony and I. That would be quite nice but oh man it's making me anxious just thinking about it! I think I actually might cry if I don't stop thinking about it!!

So sorry you're sick!! Boooooo! I hope you feel better soon. I could definitely browse through a book store. Vampires! Yay! I love me some vampire novels. Me and my friend have been reading through all the vampire series. It's our goal to read them all. lol We actually have not read the Anne Rice ones yet but we'll get there. Right now we're reading some good ones. Brotherhood of the Blood series. This is our 2nd adult series-the smutt ones lol.

That totally would've been me. Leaving with something for Kyndra. hahaha I'm glad you got out for a bit. I should do that sometime!