Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mom and Jax

Everyone hear the good news about my mom's treatment for breast cancer?

She needs NO chemo therapy treatment at all. She also just received her last saline injection in the expander so she is all set for reconstructive surgery. One of the things my parents were happy to find out, was they didn't need to cancel their vacation to Mexico in March. After all this, who couldn't use a vacation right? Well, Mom called me two days to say that her reconstructive operation is scheduled for Feb. 11th. This procedure will be a replacing the expander with a more suitable implant, as well as lifting and shaping the other breast to match.

Everything has moved SO fast since she received her diagnosis in mid December. So not only will my parents be enjoying the coveted Mexican sun while sippin' down SoCo and diet cokes (or Pepsi if they have it), but Mom will be filling sporting a new bathing suit and through her cares to the wind. Certainly not where we thought we would be!

And as the children at Pathways Church are closing their BIG series this weekend, I will recite the passage that they have all learned this month...

Philippians 4:13

"I can do all things through Christ, because he gives me strength"


After a long hiatus due to camera failure...

Welcome back to the blogging world, my son!

Who can resist those long eyelashes?!?



Jenilee said...

he is too cute!!! :) glad to see him again :)

croleyc69 said...

Happy for your Mom and Jax is soooo cute. Praying for all of you always.

Holly said...

I'm so, so glad your mom is doing so well! I was quite happy when I read she wouldn't need chemo! YAAAY! I hope your parents enjoy their vacation. They need and deserve it!

Woohoo for having a camera again!! You make me want a new one!!

Veronnica Watson said...

Oh I'm so happy to hear about your mom! God is good!

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! Nice to 'meet' you! ;)

Leslee said...

GREAT news for your Momma! It is so nice to hear about the good things in life...

I wish them an amazing vacation (yes, well deserved!) and a wonderful future!