Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kreativ Blogger - Find out what you didn't know!

First of all, I have to say it loud and proud! Tonight, my son finished his LAST MILK BAG! This is HUGE for me. I pumped like a fanatic since day one. I started into my freezer stash to mix with cereal when Jackson was four months. I stopped pumping regularly when Jackson was about 5 months (except I still pumped out every night before bed because he was sleeping through the night). I stopped breastfeeding when Jax was 10 months old. He completed the stored supply tonight, at 11.5 months and will be on whole milk from here on out! My FIRST breastfeeding saga has completely ended!

Courtney @ Burton's Blessings gave me this award today!
I had recently sent you all to her blog because because I had given her the THIS BLOG IS OVER THE TOP award. I encourage you take this moment to visit Courtney if you missed it last time. You will find a link to cbdesigns. She is a wonderfully creative artist and I want to inform all of your of her current Give Away on cbdesigns.


So here are the rules:
1-Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2-Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3-Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4-Name 7 things about yourself that people may not know.
5-Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6-Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7-Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they've been nominated.

7 thing's about my that you may not know...

1. Many of you know that I lost a little brother when he born in 1988. But you may not know that I also have an older brother. Brian is almost 2 years than I and lives in Chicago just north of Linkin Park. He teaches a tuition based preschool program at Augustus H. Burley Elementery. Brian is into the second year of his masters program at Erikson University. Naturally we had the typical brother/sister relationship growing up, but we have been close friends since we have moved out of our parents. Unfortunately, we don't get to Chicago as often as would like. Brian married his high school sweetheart Emily in 2006 and they just celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary yesterday, Sept. 30th. My next post will be a response I was given from Brian regarding my last "NO MEANS NO" post. I think you will all find it very intriguing as many of you commented on the topic

2. As I had given props to my husband here for his davine efforts and great success with the P90X program, I myself am just concluding my 4th week of the extremely intense 13 weeks fitness program. I have been updating my facebook status with efforts, but I want to say here that I officially in it for the LONG HAUL!

3. I love to put way too much sugar on my Rice Chex, favorite cereal. It is way to easy for me to sit and eat 4-5 bowl fulls before realizing the box is almost gone!

4. Besides my SELF given haircut back in July, the previous hair cut I received was in August of 2008 before I stopped working, before Jackson was born. I am ashamed to call myself a hair stylist!

5. I am still afraid of the dark. It's a childish psychological tick that I never grew out of. If I reach for the light switch and happen to miss it - I start smack the wall frantically until I hit the light switch. Can't believe I admitted that... it's not funny

6. We have plans to build out our basement into a large rec. room, another bathroom and a fourth bedroom. All we need is the money :) But our hopes are to do it soon!

7. Paul and I are going to start trying for baby #2 when Jackson turns 1 year old. Won't be long now!

And for the 7 bloggers that I would like to pass on the award to:

Myra - Happy Housewife Living Life

Myra is a faithful servant of God and brings to light her true personal, family and spiritual values. She has an adorable little man, Ridley. Myra shares her weekly jaw dropping savings on grocery items every Saturday - don't miss it!

Holly - The Haas Family Blessings

Holly is a great friend that I have become to know through BlogLand. She is working on a growing family through heartache and loss. The Haas family lost their baby girl in April 2009. Holly shares her daughter's life at Caring For Carleigh. She also heads up our weekly Read With Us book reviews and participates in ministries to help other grieving parents who have been called to walk to the same road as she.

Caroline - The Croley Gang

Caroline is a mother to many :) and loves to share her children's lives through her writing. Caroline youngest Carly, just turned 5 months! She also gets involved with several memes throughout the week which keep all us up to date on her thoughts and her faith in God.

Stephanie - Because of Love

I recently came across Stephanie's blog and the particular post that I read (her most recent at the time), was a Tweet from her Pastor, asking "What's a worship song that really moved you the first time you heard it?" I was intrigued to read all the comments and was quite touched by her song selection. If was the first time I heard the song. Just a few days later, we sang the song "Amazing Love" in church and I was immediately taken back to this post.

Joy - Three Calhouns

This adorable mom has a sweet 8 month old baby girl, Ella. I found that we had alot in common and have been following her just as recently. Please stop by her blog and wish her a happy 2 year anniversary!

Amanda - "Popp"ing Out One Letter at a Time

Amanda blogs daily about her many young children. Her creative blog title refers to the names of each child as they were born, are alphabetical :) Her youngest being born the same day as Jax. Amanda expresses her views about Christianity, motherhood and woman's life in general. I invite you to pay her visit, she loves new visitors!

Katie - Called Out One

Katie is a pastor's wife and a mother to Molly, a two year old little sweetheart. Katie is always fun to read because she's true and natural. It is always fun to read about what God is doing in her day to day life. She doesn't miss the chance to recognize His amazing work.



Kate said...

Girl, you are so sweet! Hopefully I can live up to your description of me! Yea on the using up all of the milk! You are a better woman then me, I hated pumping!

Allison said...

Great post! I always like reading things about people, things I didn't already know (although I knew most of those...except for being afraid of the dark.) :) Can't wait to see you!

Three Calhouns said...

Hey! Thanks for the award! My name is Joy. After you made that comment, I realized my name is no where to be found...that seems crazy to me. I guess I just never have a reason to say it! =) Oh and I also have a brother who is almost 2 years older than me, so one more thing we have in common. One thing we don't... trying for baby #2! Haha! We are going to wait a while.Thanks again!

croleyc69 said...

Hey thanx for the award. It really meant alot to me. Good Luck on Baby #2. Great post also !! :)

Kelly said...

I loved reading the random things about you! So exciting about Baby #2!!!! I'm sure you're super excited! :)

Hope you have a great day!

Holly said...

Oh goodness, the last of the BM!! *tear* You did such a great job, April!! You are awesome!!

Thanks for the award! I often don't post these on my blog but since it's from you I will. ;)