Friday, September 11, 2009

Let's Hear It For The Boy! My husband that is :)

Paul has also been a very fit, active man. All during high school he ran track and played soccer. Before we were married, he joined a local tae kwondo studio where he started at a white belt. He became an employee and also started training with the advanced, extreme level group. Unfortunately, this did not last long for him because life moved on and we were out of town before we knew it.

When he started working at his current job, his workouts were given a back seat. All of his time and energy was going into his new position and that was the way it should have been. We just bought a house and within a month I was pregnant. Nine month later, I had gained 22 lbs - Paul had gained 15 lbs :)

Naturally, this did not sit well with Paul and so after a few failed attempts - Paul started P90X 3 months ago. He completed it and is starting it again. This is an EXTREME workout series. It is a 6 day a week, 90 day program. It is so successful at proven results with any body type. The key is the designed regimen of muscle confusion. In many workout programs, your body will plateau after a few weeks. This is because your workouts are repetitive and only working the same muscle groups. In P90X, every week, every day, every workout is specifically manufactured to keep your muscles confused so that you never plateau. The great thing about this program is that you can do the 90 days over and over again. Each time you do it, you can increase your intensity, increase your weights, do more reps. The program can grow with your athletic ablity.

Paul has shed the 15 lbs and is packing on muscle with each passing day.

(Before P90X)

(3 months later - After P90X)

If you can see the change in his face, imagine what it has done for the rest of his body :)

Of course he worked liked the devil to get me to start the program with him. I was just SO reluctant. Personally, I HATE working out! I have never liked it. Trying to get yourself psyched up for an hour workout - No Thanks! Plus, I satisfied with the weight I had lost because of breastfeeding Jax. The first week post partum I lost 17 lbs. Within the next 3 weeks I lost the other 5 lbs of baby weight. Over the next 3 months, I lost an additional 15 lbs! That's 15 lbs off of my PRE pregnancy weight. So do you think I wanted to work my butt off in an advanced program when all I needed to do was breastfeed by child to keep the weight off? Nope!

Did you know that when breastfeeding your baby, you burn 500 calories a day? My metabolism was acting as though I was running for an hour each day! That's burning 500 calories! OR riding my bike at 15 mph for an hour each day - that's burning 500 calories. But just nursing my child during the day was also burning 500 calories.

Imagine my "shock" when I stopped breastfeeding and in 5 days... I gained 4 fours. Now I know that doesn't seem like a lot - but in 5 days, gaining 4 lbs. IS a lot. I didn't know if that rate of increase was going to continue. Now, my metabolism was reacting as though I suddenly stopped my daily runs or my hour long bike rides.

So at this point, I had lost all my baby weight and more - just for feeding my baby. I was skinnier than I had ever been. You know what I loved the most? My thighs had stopped rubbing together. That has been my basis of comparison all this time. When my thighs stopped touching while I walked - I was smittin! So when this weight started to come back on and I noticed my thighs rubbing again... that was IT for me. I said"FINE, PAUL! YOU GOT ME! I WILL START THAT RETCHED PROGRAM WITH YOU!"

So, Paul has started HIS second time around, and I am now 2 weeks into a 13 week program and am FEELING IT!! OUCH! But the benefits are already undeniable. I am starting to see my clavical more pronounced (haven't noticed much with ol' thighs yet but I have faith!) My arms are getting more toned, I actually found a new muscle! I can flex my shoulder muscle now! My lower back hasn't been giving me issues. I haven't thrown it out recently. Now if only there were a work out that would bring back my pre breastfeeding boobs... I would be pleased :)



Steph said...

The exact thing happened to me with my weight...I was so thrilled to lose my baby weight plus be below my pre-pg weight after pumping. But it came back after the holidays because I thought I was invincible! Ha! Good luck with your workouts! You're inspiring me to start something myself.

Holly said...

You can def tell a difference in Paul's face from before and after the program. Anthony has gained a lot of weight since we got together many years ago (lol) and while his apperance does not bother me, his health does. I know he is not as healthy as he should be and I don't want him setting up for problems later in life.

I've heard good things about P90X and that it is pretty intense. I have thought about doing it. How much does it cost?

I lost 10 lbs BFing Kyndra and it was nice not have to lose weight trying. I was at my prepreg weight after both girls, which was also nice!! My prepreg weight for Kyndra was 116 and for Carleigh it was 109 and I'm still around 109. I totally noticed my thighs getting slimmer BFing Kyndra and that was so nice b/c I've always had what I consider 'thunder thighs' because I've always been a muscular person (thanks gymnastics lol). I actually feel much better about them now that they are smaller. I was always self-conscious about them before.

Hey if you find a way to get prepreg boobs I'm all for it! After Kyndra I didn't have a problem but after Carleigh they feel so saggy!!

Kate said...

I need that! I go to the gym everyday, but I just do the same old thing! I lost my baby weight and the 25 pounds I gained before Molly with breastfeeding! I am with you, I want my boobs back!! Good luck!

Leslee said...

Good for the boy!! Hehehe...

I read you post and that same evening I saw an infomercial for this product! So cool!!!

Best of luck to you both (not that you NEED it), but as you will see with your little one; it becomes most important to stay healthy for them!!!

Shay said...

Yay! I'm so glad you posted this! Tomorrow is day 2, I have a way to go but I can't wait!!!!!!!!