Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So We Don't Forget / Early Birthday Gift!!

So We Don't forget, Our First Home

Paul and I purchased our first and current home in Janurary of 2008. We moved two hours north of our previous location for a job opportunity for Paul. The winter moved was treturous but thankfully we had great friends and family to help us.

It's a ranch vaulted ceiling home with three homes and 1.5 bath. The bedrooms are split by the living room and kitchen. Our master suite is spacious, but feels small with our king bed. (That was something we weren't willing to compromise - Rise your hands for King sized beds!)

We have future plans to build out the basement with another bedroom (egress windows are available for a square footage gain) and bathroom along with a huge rec room. We will also be builing a deck off the back (not currently functional) patio doors. Currently, there is a 4 foot drop off to the back yard :) We love the house and there will be wonderful room to grow with our growing family.


Early Birthday Gift

I bought a walker/rider for Jackson yesterday and assembled it ALONE! (Wasn't that hard really!) Of course I couldn't wait until his birthday, so he got to play with it early :) Well, I thought this would be "learning" tool for at first. He has walked great by holding our hands... but I had no idea how he would do with this walker. Well - who knew that Jackson would be just a pro! My goodness! I was amazed as his immediate skill.... guess I should have gotten him one sooner :)

This walking stuff just adds a WHOLE NEW level of BIG BOYNESS!



Transparent Mama said...

What a great house. Your family is just so beautiful. I am wondering what state that snowy property is in and how it is living in the snow- we might be moving into such a climate soon.

Veronica said...

You have a beautiful home. Our first one was also ranch style with lots of wooden panels.

We also have a king size bed and love it!

Glad that Jackson is enjoying his new toy. It won't belong before you see him walking around everywhere! :)

Jamie said...

wow!! april, you are always raising the bar for my kids, huh?! or should I say JAX is rasing the bar? I thought that my kids were doing well just pulling to standing. I guess we gotta get back in the playroom for some training. hahaha
He's so impressive. I'd say he'll be walking on his own in no time.

Denise said...

I like your home, so nice.

Allison said...

My Godson is SO talented!

Holly said...

He's really good at push that! And he's cute doing it too! I really like your home. It sounds nice and looks nice too from pics you've shared before. I wish I had a king sized bed!!

Linda said...

What a wonderful first home! And I love all of the plans you have to make it all that you want and need in the future.

Having dreams and aspirations is good. My husband and I still have things we hope to do with this house. I know you will be happy there for a long time as your family grows.

You and your hubby and sweet baby are so cute!

God Bless,
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Jenilee said...

your house is so cute! we LOVE our king bed and it took up the WHOLE room in our first appt! :)

Kelly said...

Your house is so cute! Isn't it nice to have your own place?! Jacob bought our house as a foreclosure about a month before we got married. We've done a ton of work to it. I'm so thankful that we're not living in a tiny apartment or renting a house or something. It's nice to have a place you can call your own!

I can't imagine that much snow! Here in AL we're excited if we get an inch! LOL :)

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Hi have a beautiful home. I'm raising my hands with you for the King sized bed...a marriage saver! =)

I've missed visiting with you in blog land...hope you are well.

croleyc69 said...

Your home sounds so nice & I know what you mean, we have a King sized bed & mkakes are room look small. I love my big bed. I like the early birthday gift. Thanx for sharing.

Lynnette Kraft said...

What a nice house! So glad you can start off in such a pretty one.

I'm with you on king sized beds! With a 6'2" husband and kids who like to climb in - definitely a must. We had a queen for about 8 years and once we got our king, we never went back!