Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Read With Us - Chapter 9

Join us as we continue reading, In Faithfulness, He Afflicted Me; by: Lynnette Kraft.

I agree that God served graciously by plumping Anna up in utero to be able to sustain a risky operation so early in life. I can only imagine the worry and fear in this family's heart when entering a surgery of that magnitude.

As far as needing to keep little Anna safe from sickness, I would have to agree that moving to a more isolated home would be highly beneficial for them. I would also make that decision if I were faced with raising a child who needed extra close care. I have a neighbor with twin girls (now 5), when they were 2 they were both diagnosed with Luekemia. They lived a life where they sheltered the girls from playing with too many children or coming in contact with any sick people. They didn't go to any parks, carnivals or public events and sometimes missed out on family gatherings. Understanding the necessary need for "isolation" - although I don't like using that term because it can come off as a negative thing, where in this circumstance, isolation isn't negative at all - makes me completely appreciate Lynnette's "Integrated Family Living". A lifestyle that Lynnette and Kyle follow that keeps most of their activities within the family. Shw has blogged about this many times. There is very little that the familiy does outside of their tight knit group. This would keep the members of the family fairly healthy and inturn - keep Anna healthy as well.

Where do you desire to live? However... since I am not in a situation like the Kraft's, I would not choose to live in the country. I am not a HUGE outdoorsy person. Don't get me wrong, I love the sunshine and laying in a hammock or watching my son in his kiddy pool. I am just not a huge woodland creature - not a fan of critters and bugs, not a fan of the darkness at night that would go on for miles. I enjoy being in a neighborhood. I love that I can sit outside while my son is napping and I can hear the children across the street playing. I like that I can wave to my neighbors when they come home from work, I like that we can walk across street and feel welcome to join the bonfire. I like being able to eat lunch at a river front restrauant while watching the current carries the water slowly on by. I have adopted a liking for "people watching" since my days of being a city girl. I don't think you can ever really remove that from me.

Now, ask me where I would like to live one my children are grown and out of the house - then my answer will be different :)



croleyc69 said...

Such a lovely post & I think that's great if you like the city life. I do like visiting cities & having everything close but then I start feeling trapped as I call it. {{HUGS}} :)

Holly said...

Yeah, you can't do a lot of people watching in the country! lol

Oh my gosh I'm so glad that those girls are ok. That's so crazy that they both had it. What an ordeal for that family. They would definitely need to have kept them from coming into contact w/ germs.