Monday, September 28, 2009

Read With Us - Chapter 12

Join us as we continue reading In Faithfulness, He Afflicted Me. By: Lynnette Kraft.

Lynnette filled this chapter with very understandable worry. She was full of fear when came to the idea of getting pregnant again. With a child like Anna, needing extra attention to keep her healthy and attend her doctor visits, the thought of something taking her away from that would be scary. What things do you worry about? Oh geez, this is definitely a trait I am not proud of. I worry a lot. I have a way of getting consumed by things that don't matter and when the stakes are high - it's easier for me less worrisome. But I have a feeling what I am really doing is "blocking out" the worry and fear rather than not feeling it at all. Do you find it easy to give these worries to God? I don't know so. It's in my nature to worry. I know this is wrong as Lynnette has sited scripture about it. But being freed of these emotions are a gift that God gives us, much like forgiveness. I think that it is human nature to get swallowed up in these bad habits. I remember talking about this early on the book - Lynnette asked why do people chose sorrow and pain when they can be joyous and happy. It does take work to be happy when you don't feel that way. It does take work to follow Jesus, as what he may ask of us may not be what we would ask of ourselves.

Lynnette kept a journal for her children. This is a wonderful keepsake to look back on. I am currently keeping a journal for Jackson. I don't like the idea that he will never know what it was like when he was newborn. I will remember everything about our bonding as mother and child and he won't. That idea saddens me. So I have started documenting. I also find peace in this form of communicating in case God would take me from this world, I want to leave something tangible for my son. What memories of your childhood make you smile? I have a lot of memories playing with my cousins. We gathered at our grandparents house often and got into trouble. I am a huge fan of photos (as if you didn't know that!) so I look back on these memories often.

"Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need." Mathew 6:33


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Holly said...

I think it's def in our nature to worry so it isn't always easy to just let them go. Like you mentioned, anything that takes work is something that people are less likely to do. I have fond memories of times with my cousins too. :)