Friday, September 25, 2009

He Ate WHAT?

This is what Jackson ate for lunch yesterday:

1 slice of cheese
Full Gerber Graduates jar of diced carrots
7 slices of deli ham... yes 7 !!
1 slice of whole wheat bread (which is filling in itself)
1 jar of baby banana pudding
1 full cup of water

He ate the equivalent for dinner.

And he is STILL hungry to snack on his crib rails....

I mean, REALLY?!?

And this - ladies and gents, is WHY you should never spend the money on a designer crib. Thanks Target!

No, our crib has no traces of lead. But still, this can't be good for him! I actually heard him grinding this teeth this morning. Gave me the willies!



Veronica said...

It's amazing just how much little ones can eat, huh? I remember the girls having such big appetites after I stopped nursing them.

I also had the same problem with Audrey trying to be a beaver and eat up her crib. I actually got one of those gummy things to put on the rail so she wouldn't do any harm to herself or the crib! I don't even want to admit how much that crib cost, but at least we'll be getting our money's worth having all three of our kiddos using it! :)

Ms. Sarah said...

my kids didnt eat the crib. They were always good eaters around growth spurts. Silly little man!

Allison said...

I think he takes after Paul with his appetite, huh? I'll always remember how Paul ate most of my dinner at my wedding! :) Jax's weight must be going up now! Nate ate playdough today...does that count?

Christina said...

Mine haven't started in on the crib either! I can't imagine what that feels like on their teeth!

SayraH said...

Hello April! Thank you so much for your kind words to my post (and for following me!)...Wow--your little guy is quite the eater! No wooden cribs holding him back any ;)

*God Bless* & Thank You :))

HeatherOz said...

You know, some cribs have plastic covers so the kids can't chew on the wood. Now that I think about it, our Babe's crib doesn't have those either! I wonder if you can buy a plastic rail cover. Silly babies!

croleyc69 said...

Wow that's alot & then chewing on the crib. My boy was like that & he still eats alot. It never looks like it he is so skinny. :)

Mommyto3andahusky said...

That is funny! cute blog! Thanks for stopping by mine! :)

Kate said...

Oink, Oink!

Kelly said...

haha, that's really funny! Maybe he's going through a growth spurt! :)

Holly said...

Wow! What a hungry little boy!! He must be growing or something!! That's a lot of food for a little one! Oh, I hate grinding teeth!!