Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Unexpected Baby Trials

Update: Jackson is cutting his upper front right tooth!!
We hadn't decided Jackson's name until after he was born. We knew for months that he would have my little brother's name, for a middle name.

jackson adam

But we liked several boy names and weren't in a hurry to chose one. We liked Christian, Cody, Owen, Cullen to name a few. It wasn't until the nurse was filling out the baby's birth certificate that she asked us the name. Paul and I looked at each other and we decided Jackson was it.

When we were able to hold the baby with all the comotion gone, there were many characteristics about him and Paul and I soaked right up. We immediately noticed his right ear, it looked a little funny :) We didn't know at the time that the ear just hadn't developed into final shape yet, it had an extra edge within it. This same ear has a dimple in the lobe, almost like a divet. Right off the bat, Jax had huge beautiful eyes. They took up his whole face. He had his father's hairline without any question, and my little nose.

In the next few weeks that followed, we took things slowly. There was alot of down time during the day because jackson didn't do much :) and I rested up from a rough recovery. I grew to look forward to each morning. Jackson was swaddled for quite some time (6 months actually). But I have NO doubt in my mind that this was the reason he was sleeping through the night by 8 weeks old. Every morning I would go to him and unwrap his swaddle. Jackson would hold his breath and immediately throw his arms above his head to stretch. In doing this, those tiny baby legs would curl up underneath him (as they always were in the womb) and he would make these adorable exhaling baby sounds. That stretch HAD to feel good after a night of restriction.

Jackson had HORRIBLE baby acne that lasted far too long. At 4 weeks on the dot - the rashes broke out all over his little face, his neck and upper chest, they were all over his head. Poor little guy lost all the hair on the top of his head!! He looked like a balding old man who only hair on the sides and back. His craddle cap was also an annoyance that didn't go away for a long time.

This blue and brown outfit was my favorite on him.

Jackson was the KING at spitting up! Everyone says "Oh yeah, my child did that too." Well, our son was excessive!! Going through 10 burp clothes and 6 bibs was a daily occurance. It made tummy time a hyndrance and delayed his sitting up skills. Everytime I would sit him up or lay him tummy down - the spit up would fly out of his mouth. I can't tell you how many videos we have of him just spitting up! UGH! This lasted from 2.5-6 months. I thought it would never end! I hated always covering up his adorable outfits with a bib.

Just a treat :)



Holly said...

I don't think I ever really swaddled Kyndra. The nurses always did though. It's cute to see Jackson stretch once he's unswaddled. lol That's weird that the acne lasted that long. Did they say why or did he have sensitive skin? Kyndra went thru a lot of burp rags and bibs too but I don't think quite as much as you. Even more when the drooling came!!! hahaha

Kelly said...

I've heard that swaddling has a lot to do with babies sleeping through the night early. I hope it works for my baby! :)
Very cute videos!!

Kate said...

We resorted to using bath towels as burp cloths because Molly spit up so much. She had GERD but none of the medicines helped her, so we just had to wait it out! Spitting up is awful! I love the name Jackson!

Paige said...

April- Thanks for letting me know about the link- i made a typing error! You can check it out at We are in midland, tx- far from you but I appreciate your interest!!