Monday, August 10, 2009

Operation PUJ update

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Don't know what Operation PUJ is??

Read my first post here as I explain why this plan of action is necessary
Read my Day 4 analysis that describes how the program has worked thus far


Operation PUJ (pronounced "pudge")
Pump Up Jax

Day 16
Immediate changes since pervious review:

  1. 2 bottles of breastmilk given during the day along with a morning and bedtime nursing session. Total feedings = 4
Reason for Change: Subject showed little patience for daytime nursing sessions has he was quite busy with other daytime duties and didnt have time for such shinanigans.

2. There has been a cut back on the amount of cereal administered to subject at breakfast time. It has simply been elimated from morning and noon feedings. However cereal is given with dinner and plenty other whole wheat grains are given. Subject still receives attiquate amounts of iron from mother's milk and DHA from her vitamins.

Reason for change: Cereal seems to have been too filling and so there was little hunger for breast milk.

  • Previous attempts to hold off feedings after naps have been proved successful. Subject shows great interest in bottle 1-1.5 hours following waking from nap. (Morning feeding exempts this theory as an extreme demand for the breast is expressed through fussiness and irriability at the sight of mother
  • Because of delayed feedings after naps, bottle consumption has increased from a measley 4 oz to now a healthy 6-8 oz. Two of these bottles are administered during the day and are received rather well. Very little protesting from subject is shown. Big improvement which makes mother very happy.
  • It is apparent to assume that the initial rejection of the bottle was due to a long time lapse since the bottle was introducted several months prior. With time, subject realized the bottle was not a toy to be flicked with his fingers, rather it was an artifical creation of the real source of milk.
  • Mother's emotions regarding new developments in the operation are pleasing and very hopeful

Hypothesis:With this increased consumption of milk, subject's weight will equally increase pushing him out of the bottom 5% for weight class and into a higher weight bracket.

New Obstacles:With the ability to crawl all over God's green earth, the calories are being burned off like wild fire. Prevention of this is out of my hands. Hopeful that the amount being taken in exceeds the amount being burned off.

Conclusion:Operation PUJ has proven in the short term to influence Jax to consume more milk in each sitting. A weight check will confirm the hopeful hypothesis in about two more weeks.

Until further accessment, here are a few photographs of the Baby Man

DQ Dilly Bar :) YUM YUM!

"Don't take my picture AGAIN, Mama!"

Who says that the 5th percentile is really that bad anyways??



Winner will be annouced Monday afternoon!


Kate said...

So cute! Keep giving him DQ...that always puts the pounds on me, ha!

Maddie's Mommy said...

He is too too cute!!! 78th percentile in head is nothing. My daughter has always been over the 100th percentile with her head!

Veronica said...

Oh my! I had to laugh when I read this post because having to work at putting weight on my kids has never been an issue! I like the way you wrote this post. So funny!

P.S. Thanks for the comment on church going. I'm just praying it won't be too long before I find one where we feel at home!

Lynda said...

Hey, your cousins were always in the 5th percentile or below for weight, you Puerlings are little!!!

Holly said...

I just love how you write the PUJ posts. :) That's so awesome that he's taking in more milk! Hopefully that will pack on those lbs!

Kari said...

What a DOLL. He has a similar smile to my Scout! Love the Dilly Bar pic :o) Glad the milk intake is going better. My daughter is still low percentile (finally hit 20th at her 4 year) and she perfect and awesome :o)