Friday, August 7, 2009

Give Away Time!!

YAY!! It's Give Away Time!!
MckLinky Blog has begun the giveaway contests this friday HOWEVER, I did not get my act together in time to participate. SO, I decided to host a give away on my own for all you lovely people~

I have a number of things to celebrate
and a number of reasons to host this give away

1. Thank you to Veronica, she became my 30th follower. That is a big deal for me!

2. I have decided to start selling my handmade crochet hats and jewelry online. I have been discussing it with a number of people. I really enjoy making them, and thought I would share that with anyone who wanted a part of it.

3. Operation PUJ has been in effect for a few weeks now and we are starting to see improvements! Yay Jax!! I will be writing a full update analysis in a few days!

4. It's summertime, the sun is shining,
I am forgiven,
I am loved,
I am a happy woman!

Here is what you could win!

What else screams "The Beach" more than bright flashy colors of green and blue? This hand made bracelet is designed with large glass hand painted (not by me) beads and accented with clear blue square beads, and translucent pearl shaped beads. It is a standard 6.5 inches long fastened with a toggle clasp.

All you have to do is leave me a comment and tell me if you would help promote my to-be boutique online by featuring a button on your blog. I don't yet have a button created, so if you're looking for it on this blog - you won't find me :) YET! I would really like to create a blog store for my products, however that includes me obtaining a business license. I want to make sure that there are people actually interested in my products before going as far as getting a tax code.

Here are some of the products
(including something similar to the bracelet up for grabs!)
Mind you, these are just rough shots!!

No, this isn't a garter :) It's a little girl's head band.

Please don't judge me, I don't make a habit of this...

I just had get an idea of what it looked like on a baby.
My 9 month old son with a 78% head for weight class was the only model I would find at last minute.
Thanks for being a Good Sport, Jackson :(

I promise to have a more appropriate model display the handband on the blog store!!

Thanks again and remember - if you leave me a comment saying "YES April, I would love to promote your products to my friends and family" - you will be entered to win the bracelet!



Crystal said...

A) LOVE the jewelry B) LOVE, love, LOVE the hats C) Madelyn would be happy to be a head model for you. She has a wonderfully shapped cranium. :)

Veronica said...


What a fun post! I love the bracelet! I would be happy to help you promote your business. I was totally gonna email you again, but I thought you might be sick of me by now, but I was gonna mention the fact that it would be awesome if you could come up with some unique boy styles for hats, esp since you have a boy. My inspiration comes from my girls since that's what I've got. There aren't always a ton of boy styles to choose from out there so that would be a neat thing to see!

P.S. Love the headband! I'm happy that I got to be your 30th blog friend! Have a great weekend!

Myra said...

Hey April! I would absolutely love to promote your beautiful items on my blog. I'm even interested in hosting a giveaway of one of your hats or headbands for my readers. Everything is lovely!!

croleyc69 said...

Yes April I would love to help promote your business & yes to because you made my day this wk. By sending me a friend request on Facebook. I get lonesome here not many friends since I don't work & it's so hard to talk to friends back home w/time change. Thanx April !!! HUGS :)

Kelly said...

Hi April! I would most definitely promote your new business on my blog! You do beautiful work!!
Hope you have a great day! I'll email you about the hat.

Myra said...

Yes! I definitely want to do the giveaway! I'm thinking that I could post a photo of my little man wearing a hat that you make...might be a good selling point. :)

Just let me know when you're ready! If you just want to e-mail me a photo of the item that you want given away, then I can send you the address of the winner. Or if you want me to mail it out that's okay too.

I'm really excited!!! You can e-mail me (address on profile) so we can talk more. It might be easier than commenting. :)

Jennifer said...

April, I would love to have your button on my blog! Love the pic of Jackson....he may try to get back at you someday though! I'm also very interested in your operation PUJ...Ian has dropped to below the 10th percentile for his weight...he was at the 75th percentile at four months and 50th percentile at six months, so we are needing to do something different here too!

Holly said...

YES April, I would love to promote your products to my friends and family


Love the hats! You do a great job!! That headband is so neat!!! And Jackson was a good sport!

AFD said...

I'll help promote! (If you make Ella a hat! :) Just the stuff!

Kate said...

I love jewelry and I would totally put a button on my blog!

Jamie said...

I LOVE THESE!! I've been trying to find someone to make hats like those for my kids but also for newborns because I'm starting to do some photography.

Following HIM said...

YES, I would love to promote the bracelet for you :) So cool! LOVE the colors too :)

Raising Olives said...

I would be happy to host a giveaway and review for you on my blog, if you are interested in doing that.

The hats are terrific!

Kimberly - momma to 9

Kari said...

Laughing at your little guy with the bow. Hey, it works. Both are wonderfully made. I use to crochet hats until I ran out of time, so now I love that I can always get them from someone who does. The crocheted headband is the FIRST I've seen and what a wonderful idea! Probably fill better on baby's head anyway. I can add a button. I am in the process of adding 2 etsy store owners on my site, so would love to add you. I'm INTO promoting entrepreneurs. Nothing like it in the world! How fun!