Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Make Me Laugh" meme / Op. PUJ Update



I have been wanting to join the world of memes and create my own weekly feature in hopes to make more connections with all you wonderful BlogLand friends. I plan on using MckLinky to link us all together. I feel I have come up with a pretty idea that many would like to participate in. I am calling it...

Make Me Laugh.

My plan is for everyone to select something that they feel is funny and would like to share with others.

Personal or public - doesn't matter.

Did your co workers tell you a funny joke this week?... Tell us!
Did you stumble across something humorous online? ...Link us!
Did your child ask one those embarassing questions or repeat something they shouldn't have in public? ...Share it!
Did you capture a moment on film?... Show us!

Whether it's a story, a photograph, a cartoon, a video, a joke, (you get the idea).
We want to see it!

Make Me Laugh!

So far, my button is pretty generic. I will be experimenting with other graphics as time goes on. I hope you will all participate and share in this fun weekly feature with your other BlogLand friends!

At this point I haven't decided on a day of the week. I want to catch a strong amount of traffic and maybe I will tag it along with our BlogHop Tuesdays... we'll see!

Start thinking of what YOU want to share! And check back for our first ever...

Make Me Laugh!


Update on Operation PUJ (pronouned "pudge")

Day 4

Immediate changes put into action:

  1. Continue breastfeeding 3 times a day and 1 bottle feeding with lunch. Total feedings = 4
  2. Instead of feedings occuring right after naptime, they are now an hour after waking
  • The Baby Man still expresses little interest in nursing longer than 10 mins at a time.
  • Attempts to hold off feedings for an hour after nap time have been successful with no signs of a hunger strike.
  • Some times the Baby Man will drink more after these longer waiting periods, however the majority of the time he appears to be consuming his normal small portions.
  • Mama's emotions regarding the immediate change of action and their results, are somber.


  • No weight gain will occur with these results

Additional Changes from this Day Forward:

  • None - continue with present course of action and analyze data at further date




Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Looks like fun, April. Don't know how often I can participate, because I feel like I'm having trouble just keeping up with the little bit I'm doing on my blog. I'm kind of pathetic like that! =) But...a great idea. I just wanted to address your comment on my blog (regarding my recent rant). You made a good point about people not knowing what to say or do...and I'm going to be doing a post about that in a couple weeks. But...please know that you have not done anything like what I was referring to. You are lovely and have never shown anything but love...that I have seen. I appreciate your willing heart to reach out in love...and pray that you will continue to do so. What I was referring to is the comments that are meant in judgment and not in love and comfort. Not unintentional or inadvertent comments, even...but those said by people who think they need to fix you or tell you how to do it. Or people who don't show love at all, but should. You know what I mean?

Thank you again for your beautiful heart. I have been blessed by your willingness to come alongside grieving moms.

Blessings to you,

Pigtails and Puppydogs said...

Morgan will be 10 months on the second. Thanks for following! I love reading about other babies her age. I get alot of good ideas from other mommy blogs. :) I can't believe he didn't like the teething biscuits!

Holly said...

I think this sounds fun. You know I'll participate! I'll try to be funny. :)

Sounds like the new plan isn't going so well. :( What if you increased the number of feedings since he seems to not be nursing for a long period? He's getting more active so he prolly won't gain a whole lot.