Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Read With Us - Intro & Prologue

In Faithfullness, He Afflicted Me Written by: Lynnette Kraft
You are welcome to join in on my weekly reading group hosted by Holly at Caring for Carleigh.
Introduction & Prologue
I believe I can speak for most when I say that the prologue was quite reviting. I was torn between continuing to read on into Chapter One or taking a moment to reflect on what I read as well as Holly's question.
I have not lost a child of my own. I can only imagine that if I were faced with a situation similar to what Lynnette and her husband experienced with Anna, I would have reacted the very same way. By my own nature, I would see myself taking the position of Kyle. He was more vocal and expressing his thoughts, frustrations and prayer out loud. As Lynnette said, I have no doubt that the same thoughts, frustrations and prayers were going through her own mind. What I was able to relate to was her description of the devastating 45 minutes with Anna - "surreal; frantic; nervous; nightmare."
What I want to reflect on is something that I heard from a few mothers who have experienced the loss of a child. And that is a moment of peace amidst panic, grief and the inevitable truth that their child is/will be leaving this world. I have read mother's describe this moment as "a strange peace", "I was at peace", "I felt a calming, and knew that God was with me." I believe that God is presenting himself in the physical sense, laying His hand upon the weary, saying "She is with Me now, Child. That is where I have always meant for her to be." I suppose in that very peaceful moment that He gives his people, they become aware that God has called their child and is/will be holding them in heaven. A moment to accept that their child was too precious for this earthly world and will waiting to see them again. on the other side of heaven. It is a moment of settling clarity where a mother who is now standing amongst the debris and dust from the earthquake that just shuck her life, can truly feel God's presence. He is there whether we chose to receive this calmness, or refuse to accept the truth at that moment and brush the feeling aside for later.

Have there been times in your life that God has shown he cares or that He is near?
I know that God cares and is always there. I knew this before I began my personal relationship with him. What I am ashamed to admit is that prior to getting serious about Christ, I didn't give God's plan much thought. I suppose that would be because I have not experienced a devastating loss in my adult life, by that I mean losing a parent, child, or close friend. So I was never in a position where I doubted His path for me (not that I have any right to). My eyes have been opened since accepting Christ into my life and the veil has been lifted. I know that the world will give me my share of trails and tribulations. I know I will find God at the center of my life. I know I will have His word and His warriors to surround me, much like Lynnette to help support and guide me. In the present time, I am rejoicing for everyway that God shows His love in my family and by allowing me to receive his wonderful grace and forgiveness even though I have not earned it, even though I do not deserve it.



Holly said...

I really wanted to read on past the prologue but I managed to stop myself (I knew I needed to get my post written for everyone!). I pray, April, that you will never have to experience the loss of a child. I pray that no one would have to. It's not something I would ever want to happen to someone else.

There certainly is a peace there and I know it comes from God. Why else would someone feel peace in the midst of the death of their child?

There have been many times when I haven't given God's plan much thought b/c if I had I would've made a lot better choices.

Thanks for such a great post!

MommyIvy said...

I couldnt put the book down once I started it. I have finished the entire thing. I pray that you never have to lose a child either. I have never lost one after birth, but I have miscarried twice.

croleyc69 said...

I really enjoyed your post & I have never lost a child at birth but miscarried twice which to me was hard enough. It really is a great book I have a hard time not going ahead & reading the whole thing. Again I really loved your post.

stitchndeb said...

I loved what you said "God is there whether we choose to receive this calmness" or reflect on it later! Thx for commenting on my answer too. ~Debbie

MommyIvy said...

After reading your post and the comment on mine I invite you to join in on a Bible study I am doing online.