Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Weekend Through Photos July 18th

Jackson is showing us this goofy face lately - not sure what he thinks when he flashes this one!

We spent Saturday by our friends - The Dietrich. Remember Nathan? The little boy that practically shares Jackson's birthday? Well, Jax did MUCH better with this visit than the previous one. He was more tolerant of noise and sudden movements. Thank goodness

All three children played really well together. Ella, Paul's goddaughter who will be 3 this September, was dancing for us, conducting tumbling classes and showing us how big girls wear their helmets when they ride their bikes. :)

Jackson enjoyed a little swing time with Daddy.

Jax and his Godfather, Joe.

Ella Bean :)

Paul and Ella (Goddaughter)

Me and Ella - peeking out from behind the camera




AFD said...

Super visit! We had such a great time...until around 11:00pm when Nathan woke up with the high fever. But up until that point, FUN TIMES!

Mom and Dad said...

What beautiful photos. Looks like a great day!! So glad to hear that Jax was more tolerate. Too bad about Nathan developing a fever!!

Holly said...

What a fun visit! They boys do look like they got along better this time. :)