Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Plans for My Son's First Birthday

Jackson at 7 months with his favorite toy!

I have chosen a theme for his birthday party. I have to start thinking ahead of this because if I don't have enough to plan casually - it will be a disaster!! Notice my new ticker from on the right sidebar? No, not the breastfeeding one. Although I couldn't resist adding a ticker for my "booby baby"! I am referring to the count down ticker. It is counting down the days until my son is ONE YEARS OLD! I still can't believe that date is so rapidly approaching. I feel like we just started him on solids food. But my friend Crystal asked me if I had any ideas yet, so I started cramming!

It didn't take long until my husband thought of the perfect theme. We were inspired by the Baby Man's favorite toy - his Very Hungry Caterpillar teething rattler. It was given to him from my Aunt Kelly, a kindergarten school teacher who obviously hit the nail on the head. Thanks Aunt Kelly!
I have googled Eric Carle's A Very Hungry Caterpillar to gather some ideas to make this birthday festive. I have templates of the caterpillar and the famous poka dots. I don't really know what to do with them however. I stopped by the party store the other day and came up empty handed. I figured I would coordinated colors for the plates/plastic ware. I am going to arrange the snacks in red and green bowls and align them into a caterpillar formation.

Since we have don't really have anything for the older children to do here at the house during the party, I have decided to create a station center. I found some really fun ideas posted online from a teacher who uses these tools for her rotating centers. I plan to have a "Making your own caterillar" where the kids can cut and paste. Another where they learn how to draw a caterpillar, another is memory game using all the foods that the caterpillar eats, another will be a tasting station where they are blindfolded and have to guess the food they are sampling.

But I need ideas for extras, decorations, and fun things to make his party festive! Please, please send me your ideas!! I would love and appreciate any details you would have to offer! Thank you so much!!
Birthday Cake Idea


Who doesn't just adore BabyLegs?



Holly said...

You know, I used to have the BFing ticker that said booby baby too. It just made me giggle. I think the caterpillar theme is cute! You could have a bowl of gummy worms. They're not quite caterpillars but pretty darn close. I think people would get it. I like how you'll arrange the snack bowls and the cake is really neat. If you didn't like the cupcake idea you could just do several small round cakes instead.

You could have a cocoon for a pinata and along with candy have a butterfly come out. hehe

And yes, leggies are so darn cute. I have a bunch but I haven't put them on Kyndra for a bit since the weather has been warmer. She usually just wears a dipe these days.

Kate said...

I think everything you have sounds great! My suggestion is to have a friend or family member whom you really trust to take pictures. You are going to be so busy with hosting you will not be able to get every shot!

julia said... cute is that party going to be??? I think stringing fruit loops on string is always can add a puffy-fuzz-ball-thingie for the catapillar head! Adorable blog...I'm hopping late!