Monday, July 27, 2009

Mcklinky Blog Hop - Children's Photo Contest

This Week, Tuesday July 28th - MckLinky Blog Hop features Children's Photos

I am also doing a Photo Caption Contest with my photo.

So let's hear your best photo caption ideas!!

MckLinky Blog Hop



Holly said...

I think it's so funny that Paul is in that baby pool! :)

croleyc69 said...

Very cute pic of Father & Son.

Angela said...

Sweet picture! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I get her bows everywhere but I use the same "bow lady" from Kelly's corner. We are in the bow of the month club. (I get made fun of a lot for this one!) ha
Hey, a girl needs to accessorize!

Have a BLESSES week! ;-)

Missew said...

Oh what a precious baby boy you have there! Thank you for your kind words about Noah. He wasn't my son, he belonged to a dear friend of mine. Rachel, over at She is amazing. Thanks for the compliments on my little animals too!!

Erin said...

OMG that is a great picture, I laughed so hard at the look on dad's face!

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

Your son is adorable! What a great pic!

Crystal said...

That's too stinking cute.

The stroller thing is funny. Bentley just started doing that but she did the ALL weekend long.. it's adorable!

amanda said...

like son. like father. :0)