Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Father's Day Weekend

We were going to spend Friday evening at the Twist drive thru in town for some much desired ice cream. But after Jackson had yet again refused most of his dinner (who could refuse pureed greenbean with mixed grain cereal?) and noticeable tugging on his ear along with some good homewhole crabbiness - I decided to call the doctor to ask about an ear infection. He has not had one before and I knew that symptoms of teething and ear infections were quite similar. I just didn't want to wait it out if he did infact have an ear infection. So - we took him in for the last appt. available at the clinic. Thank goodness - his ears are clear of infection! He does have the next bottom tooth surfacing so we chalked up the symptoms to be related to that. But the doctor gave us a perscription for 2.5% hydrocortizone ointment. We have been using the cream, which didn't seem to solve the problem. His eczema just relentless with his skin and this doctor we saw was pretty disturbed by how bad it was. So - hopefully this will shed some light on the issue! She went to a seminar that described severe eczema as being bacteria living on the skin. So - chlorinated pool dips would good because they will help with the bacteria on the skin, on the flip side it can also dry out the skin. What a nasty circle!

Saturday, we spent the whole gorgeous day outside at our neighbors camper at Kastle Kampgrounds. What an exciting place for campers! It is so family oriented! We will be spending a weekend there later this summer, but I don't have any photos of that day because my camera batteries died right before leaving :) But I do have to comment on how absolutely wonderful Jackson was that day for us. He was so flexible with his naps, was happy and content all day long! We were so happy and relaxed because of his good natured behavior!

Sunday was Father's Day! All Paul wanted to do was be at home with his family. We started the morning with a nice walk outside. It was peaceful quiet morning as many families were probably still sleeping... or at least allowing their dads to sleep in :) We made some breakfast for Daddy and then filled up the kiddy pool outside so that the boys could enjoy the warm weather. Jax is just loving the pool lately! He loved the neighbors pool, the campground pool and now our little pool that he can actually sit up and play in.

After the pool - we all took a well deserved nap! Then Jackson and I took Daddy out to dinner. I know Paul enjoyed his day with the family. He has proved time and time again to be such a wonderful father! There are a bunch of photos here from the weekend that I would like to share!

It was wouldn't be right for me not to mention my own father on Father's Day. He spend the weekend with my mother in Door County and I was unable to see him this weekend, though we did speak on the phone.

There isn't enough words, or long enough posts that I could create to describe what an amazing father I have. He's compassionate, understanding, willing and able! He knows how much he means to me :)


Holly said...

That's good he doesn't have an ear infection but that eczema does not sound very pleasant either. Poor thing! How cute your boys are in the pool!

AFD said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Tell Paul Happy Father's Day to a wonderful Godfather. We're going to sit in our pool today...I'm already sweating. Yuck. Let's talk soon. Love you!

Kate said...

What a great Father's Day! I have never been to Door County, but when we moved up here people told us we should times for your dad! Cute pics of Jackson!

amanda said...

the three youngest have eczema here. no fun!! i read an article how you're supposed to bath your kids in diluted bleach water to help get rid of it. that creeps me out. so i think a chlorinated pool sounds better, lol.

we used to go camping at kastle all the time when i lived at home! that is a super nice campground!! i love their pool aread.