Monday, June 8, 2009

My Kreativ Blogger Award

Yeah! I have received this Kreativ Blogger award for my blog. My friend Allison gave it to me as part of her acceptance for the award as well. Thanks Al!
Now, I have to list seven things that I love - and list seven blogs that I love to follow and pass along the award to them... that should be pretty simple for me :)

Things I love:

1: The Living Creator - Jesus Christ

2: My family - who doesn't enjoy their family? I absolutely LOVE being a wife and mother. My husband gave me a life and my son gave me a purpose. (Ok - it was God sent me that beautiful adorable purpose)

3: Summer - I can not get enough of the warm sunshine! And when it's too hot, that only gives excuse to head on into the pool! (If he had one!)

4: Contemporary Christian Music

5: Sleep - enough said

6: Photography - always been an interest but I am finally giving it some attention now. Loving taking pictures of my little man!

7: Reading - if the book is right for me, I spend every ounce of free time burying myself in the fictional novel. I love being able to detach and submerge into a great story.

Blogs I Love to Follow and next recipients of the award: in no particular order

Jamie at The Riplets - She is an amazing mother of triplets. I met her at the New Kids on the Block concert in April and we immediately connected about our babies. Her photos of the babies (that share Jackson's birthday) always leave me smiling - they are just so adorable!! She deserves the mother of the year award for being tossed into first time motherhood with three little ones all at once!

Amanda - Proud Mother of Four - a fellow christian mommy raising four charming children. She lives in the Fox Valley Area as well. She blogs about her ever busy lifestyle maintaining a household of kiddos :) Her littlest Dustin, also shares Jackson's birthday.

Nikki at Little Brady Faith - I met Nikki on BabyCenter. She has a little girl Brady who was born 12 weeks early weighing 1 lbs. 7 oz. Brady fought her way through the odds and is a strong, healthy adorable little girl. Nikki and her husband blog about their lives and initially - the entrance into parenthood spending most of the days in the NICU.

Lynnette at Dancing Barefoot of Weathered Ground - the creator of Wednesday's Walk and a true God fearing mother. She has nine children, three of whom are in God's arms. One of her heavenly children passed from Congential Diaphragmatic Hernia (from which my brother Adam passed in 1988). I love to read her stories on her blog and am going to order her autobiography entitled : In Faithfulness, He Afflicted Me. It tells of her journey over the past several years and how she clung to God's grace when she left she had nothing else. I think we can all place ourselves in that position at some point on our lives.

Kelly at The Beauty of Sufficient Grace - Kelly has been an inspiration for me through her writing. She continues her journey through life by the light of Jesus. She has experienced significant loss and I invite you visit her blog and the foundation she helped create. Sufficient Grace is a non profit organization that provides support, direction and comfort for grieving parents. By her steady hand of faith, she leads many through their pain.

MckMama at My Charming Kids - I followed MckMama (The creator of Not Me Mondays)for along time now and find so many things about her blog fascinating. I am inspired by her strong will in God through the trials with her youngest son's health. Stellan is the same age at Jackson and suffers from a heart defect. The highs and lows can be exhausting, I can not imagine what it must be to live her life. I have said many prayers for this family, as so many people have. She is a professional photographer which naturally grabs my attention. Every now and then, she lets us readers in on a few tricks of the trade!

Adam at Kayleigh Anne Freeman - Kayleigh was born 12 weeks premature and fought a battle that only God Himself could fight. She continued to amaze everyone with her incredible strength and will through countless surgeries and endless operations. This amazing little being opened my eyes to God. Many believe that was her mission here on earth, as she has saved many lives by restoring their faith in Christ. God called her home on May 11th, 2009. She was a little over 10 months old. She helped save many lives through Jesus Christ and continues to as her parents are creating a foundation in her name.


Holly said...

Thank you for becoming my 200th follower for Carleigh's blog. And guess what!? Now I am one of yours! :) Hope you have a great evening!

amanda said...

thanks for the award. i'm so bad at remembering them!! :0) i'm starting to finally get caught up on ppls blogs though! it's been a busy week. hence why i'm up at two am blogging. lol