Friday, June 5, 2009

Trading in Gummy Smiles for Toothy Grins

That's right! The Baby Man has finally sprouted the first of many! The bottom chomper was visibly white beneath the surface of the gums earlier this week. I was amazed, in the matter of about 3 days that tooth poked right through! We could tell he was quite irritable the few days before hand and I gave him a few Hyland teething tablets to help him to fall asleep at night. After nursing he just wasn't going to bed as usual, poor guy was crying for awhile.

But it's finally through and I gave up at my failing attempts to get the impossible photograph of the new tooth! Jax just wasn't having that! I already have to put my game face on just to get a good look at the tooth - pinning my son on my lap while I struggle with his flailing arms and arching back. He must be like his father, a little sensitive about the oral issues :) Oh well - sooner or later I will have a decent photo of the lone chomper. In the meantime, I have to accept the fact that his gummy smiles are a thing of a past and now I will have the toothy grins to look forward to.
UPDATE: I took these ridiculous photos with the flash on (which I have been against lately) - but trying to get a clear photo of a squirmy 7.5 month old's open grinny mouth was the impossible


Spitfire_Wheels said...

Aw, cngrats on his new set of pearly whites!

Jamie said...

yay!!! a tooth?! That is so exciting...I'm impressed, mine still have all gummy smiles. I've been keeping up with your posts but haven't had a minute free to comment. I wanted to tell you that right before I got pregnant I was doing p90x and had made the 90 day mark and beyond (about maybe 5 mos total) so tell Paul that is AMAZING he's back into it. I remember how aching my body was those first few weeks!

Jenilee said...

so cute! I love baby gums! We now have "big girl" gums over here. :) Elayna has lost 4 teeth, 3 new ones have come in and 2 more are loose! It seems like they just get their teeth and then they loose them! :)