Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thankful Thursday - From April to Paul

As following along with Adam Freeman's request for Thankful Thursday this week, I have decided to participate for the first time. I know this will lead me to also take part in Thoughtful Thursdays. Praying for Kayleigh and her medical team during her surgeries today. May her recovery be quick and have her back smiling soon! Keep fighting sweetheart!!

I would, without a doubt have to raise my husband up for this post. I met Paul through family about 7 years ago. He took quite a chance on me as I was only 18 and he, nearing 23. Fresh out of highschool and a definite career goal in mind for myself, I felt pretty secure as to where my life would be heading. We spent the first year in long distance and I believe that helped to form our relationship on a foundation of trust and honesty. God must have had big plans for us because as individuals, we were traveling down the same path. It lead us to marriage in 2007 and becoming parents to our sweet little boy in Oct. 08.

Paul is giver. He was raised to always look for the positive in situations and that mentality has pulled me out of some pretty deep ruts! He is so selfless, never putting himself before his family. Paul has many goals for himself that for one reason or another, seem to be pushed to the back burner... he doesn't complain. He trades long frustrating days at work for the chance to hold our son in the evenings. I know how he takes in every smiles from our son. Paul never lets his emotions/stress about work interfere with his home life. If I can see the stress in his eyes, I know it's been real rough for him.

He is compassionate and considerate of my feeling. He knows how to fix my sorrow and make me laugh. He gives a helping hand at home and doesn't complain.

I can see how much he loves our son and in those moments... I know that God made the right decision to unite the two of us together. Paul is an outstanding father, we are both lucky to have him. There are so many amazing qualities I adore in Paul, that I want him to teach our children.

He makes me happy, he is forgiving, he is honest and trustworthy. I am so thankful he chose me. We are just beginning the rest of our lives together and I am blessed to his wife and the mother of his son. I love him more & more everyday.

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Audreee said...

What a sweet post :-)