Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Could It Be?!?

Has our little man finally decided he is interested in learning to sit up? Of Course Jax doesn't sit up for much longer than it takes for me to take the picture, but that sure is an improvement! Sweet baby man!
We introduced squash last night. Looks more like yellow applesauce, but he seems to eat it just fine :) Today we also tried out the sippy cup. He certainly had no idea what do with it, but he was able to find the spout! That will take some time. Jackson took a 3 hour nap this morning!! Haven't had that for a few months! Of course the afternoon naps were not great and he went down for bed around 7pm. He was real tired and I imagine he'll sleep real good tonight! The past two mornings, he has decided to wake up before 5am (I don't think so, pal!).

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