Monday, April 13, 2009

Jelly Beans and Snuggle Bug

So last week brought Jackson's first full roll!! He was really going to town on Wednesday and I have been ready with my camera everytime he's laying on his back... but unfortunately I have yet to capture the moment on film.

We spent Saturday with Paul's parents in Sussex. Jackson made the trip without cries and was excited to see his grandparents! He was quite entertained by all the excitement around his cousins. The Easter bunny brought all 3 boys a basket of candy (of course Jax will be sharing with us). Baby man got a new push truck toy and the older boys took their new kits outside to watch them fly! The boys were very attentive to the baby, making sure he had a toy to play with and even offered a few of theirs. I can not believe how BIG our two nephews have gotten since christmas!! Anthony has a few adult teeth coming in the front, which makes him look alot more grown up. And Little Bud's face is becoming for "boyish" and not so "babish" anymore!
The next morning we drove my parents. Brian and Emily came up from Chicago for the holiday and we celebrated hers and my birthdays as well. Of course, Jackson was the center of attention and several photos were taken!! Jackson sporting his bunny ears for a few! The Easter bunny brought Jax some very much appreciated bibs, baby food, sockies, swim trunks and many new books, including an adventure family bear hunt story complete with audio disk of Uncle Brian and Aunt Emi reading the book. We're going to have alot of fun with that! My grandmother stopped over a quick visit as well.

He did really well all weekend with all the attention and noise. Quite an environment change from the usual quiet days with just him and I. We were very thankful to spend the weekend with our families as we don't see them as often as we would like.

Paul and I will be going out to dinner this Friday. We will be taking advantage of one of the last weekends my cousin Jess will still be at UW Oshkosh before the summer starts. So, she will be babysitting. I think we might call this a real early birthday dinner for me :) We are suppose to be getting some real warm days here soon! Take time and get outside and enjoy it!!

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Jamie said...

He is so precious!!! I love the bunny ears especially. I feel like he looks a little like my son, Jordan. They have similar eyes or something.