Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Kids on the Block, Baby!!

Oh Yeah! Can you believe it? It only took me 18 years... but I finally made it the New Kids concert! YAH! Crystal and I went last night and had a total blast! Listening to their songs brought back so many memories of me dancing to their cassette tapes, alone in my basement. Oh Lordy! We traded up for better seats, so we were only 25 rows back from the stage. We also got tipped off by the girls behind us that the group performs a few songs on a piano RIGHT BEHIND where our seats were. We still can't believe we got such amazing photos. It was pretty crazy to see these guys - 20 years older, still sounding pretty much the same.
Paul stayed home with Jax last night. It was a boys night for them. Apparently, I missed Jackson's first back to tummy roll... of course I did! Why would he do it any other minute of the day when I'm with him :) Jackson's been grabbing his feet alot more now, not quite getting them to his mouth yet - but that's coming soon!


Jamie said...

Hi April!

It was so nice to meet you...we also had a great time at the concert last night =) I'm planning to post the pics on my blog too. Thanks for info on changing my template. I'm going to the other blog website for cuter ones today hopefully. You can check out my pics at password is triplets.

I LOVE your are definitely inspiring me and its so nice to see how similiar my kids are to Jackson.

inHIStightgrip said...

I am not sure if you have seen this other blog before but wanted to pass it along to you. Lift this Mama and her baby in PRAYERS!