Friday, March 6, 2009

What 45 min nap?!?

Well, we have been visited by the 45 minute intruder! He comes to wake up my baby during every nap to get him upset so that Jax can not find sleep again :(. He had a wonderful schedule down of a morning nap from 8:30am-11am and an afternoon nap at 1pm that would range from 1-2 hours. Well, like a lot of other 4-5 month olds - he has started waking up after only 45 mins. (Been venting a bit on a Oct. 2008 Babies Message Board) This is when their sleep cycle ends and some have troubles getting themselves back to sleep. We have been weaning Jax from his swaddle, by swaddling him with one arm out. While this works just great at nighttime (still sleeping 7:30pm-7am, yay!), when he wakes after 45 mins from the nap... that free arm becomes his nemesis!! The hand forces itself into jackson's mouth where it demands to be sucked on :) So I have been reswaddling him (both arms in) to see if this will help him back to sleep. Then I fight the battle of whether or not he gets his fingers to his mouth THROUGH the swaddle. Yes, ladies and gentlemen... this has become my daily challenge. Now some of you might have to meet deadlines, see patients, take classes, manage inportant data or maybe even maintain a household of mobile children.... not here! I am going to head to head with the 45 minute intruder and finding out why he is stealing my babies sleep!!
Jackson is still the happiest baby I know, crummy naps and all. He has successfully taken to his Rice Cereal! It only took about 4 days before he figured out how to somewhat swallow the food. He is grabbing for toys and taking them to his mouth (if he can fight is fingers for the space). I believe he may be experiencing some reflux because when he spits up - he arches back and groans. I have him on Zantac and will see if that helps him at all. Hopefully, getting more thicker cereal in his belly with help with the frequency of his spits. Jackson has ZERO interest in sitting up or rolling (he has rolled from tummy to back, but not a frequent episode). All this little guy wants to do is STAND STAND STAND!! He has the strongest little legs and even stands assisted only by the couch... for much longer than he sits being assisted by the couch. lol Jax loves to spend his evenings playing with Daddy before bedtime. They read stories and practice his standing.

Paul was delivered some news at work. His director of the I.T. Dept. has taken a different position at a different company. And so the management has been shifted around a bit, Paul is now reporting to a different manager. He is optomistic of the change.
Jackson is going to Milwaukee to meet the girls at the salon next week. I have been dying to get back there to see all my old co-workers and I really want them to meet my little man. I have decided to take him there during the week. We'll see how that long of drive goes for Jax.

The weather is finally starting to get abit warmer!! If it hits 50 deg, I will take Jackson out for a bundled up walk. I noticed last night there was still some lightness outside at 6pm!! And we haven't even come to Day Light Savings yet! YAY!!!

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