Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jackson loves his Daddy

We have such a happy baby boy! We are constantly surprised by his new ablilities and can't stop laughing at him. He always makes us smile!
Jackson had his 4 month appt on Thursday. He was smiling and squealing the whole time... until the shots of course. But he surprised us... he had stopped crying by the time I picked him up. The Prevnar vaccine always makes the children cry, the nurse said it must stick because she has never had a baby that didn't cry. He didn't care for the taste of the RotaVirus vaccine (oral). And unfortuantely, he spit up after the nurse left and she had to give it to him again :) He didn't like it any more than the first attempt :)

Weight - 14 lbs. 3oz.
Height - 25.5 inches.

We are celebrating Jackson's Baby Dedication this weekend. We will be dedicating Jackson to God at our church on Sunday. This is a private ceremony that allows Paul and I to commit ourselves to guide Jax down God's path. We are very excited! I will share more on that this week.

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