Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Warm Days Outside

Thank goodness for some WARM weather!! We have been able to catch up with the neighbors (one family has a scheduled c-section on Monday 3/19, welcoming their Baby Girl!!!) Jackson met some of the kids that we will be seeing LOTS of this summer! We went for a few walks to enjoy the sunshine and even grilled out on our sad smokey- joe grill on Monday night. MMM Turkey Burgers LOL
Jackson has discovered his fingers!! Of course he has been sucking on them for about a month and half now, but he finally has begun to observe and analyze them. He slowly turns his hand from front to back and watches it curiously. He has done the same to my hands as well. Jax stares at this toys before jamming them into his chompers. His favorite toys right now are those linking rings. He'll bat at them as they dangle from his car seat/play gym and can grab them easily and shove them into his mouth. Jackson is becoming VERY ticklish too! He loves the belly kisses, tickling his sides and even his feet. Everytime he laughs, the hands go right up into his smiling mouth.

He has been rolling from tummy to back unpredictabley for a few weeks now, still not sitting up unsupported however. He still loves to show off his strong legs by demanding to stand all the time.

We have begun cereal, as I had mentioned last post. We have increased the thickness, we're slowly working up to the puree consistency. He really gets excited for cereal time and takes it really well. We took it real slow in the beginning (tried every other day) because he was spitting up EVEN worse than his insane amount. But I think I finally discovered the appropriate time of day to give him the cereal so that it settles well in his tummy. I would have to say that the last few days or so, the spitting up as been tolerable! Which is a lot more than I could say about the past few weeks... phew!! What a spitter! So, hopefully the cereal is finally doing its part is coating the baby man's belly to prevent more spits. I think we'll try bananas in the next few days or so.

Jackson met my old coworkers at the salon in Milwaukee on Thursday. He did wonderful in the car there and back and was in a very pleasant mood while we visited. All the girls ate him up and were so surprised to see how much of a happy baby he is. He was flashing his gummy smile the whole time. It was great to see everyone there, while it has been since September that I have been there - it still felt like a home to me ;)

Paul's work has been going well. As I had mentioned, Paul is now reporting to a new boss and also has a new direct of I.T. The company is certainly taking measures to cut costs, but we are thankful that Paul still has a job. Which is more than alot of others can say at this point!

Let's pray that the warm weather sticks around and the snow will be gone here SOON!!

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