Sunday, March 29, 2009

Homemade Baby Stew

So, we attempted sweet potatoes today and the Baby Man wasn't having it! It has taken him awhile to get accustomed to eating cereal, so I have been taking it slow. I just upped his meals to twice a day (1 tbs. cereal each). He just doesn't seem too interested in it yet. I have read that you are only suppose to introduce solids as a supplement to breastmilk so I have let Jackson nurse until he's done and I suppose he just isn't hungry anymore after that. Who knew? Thought for sure he'd have his father's appetite :) I guess I was alittle more excited to start experimenting with solids because I have decided to make all of Jackson's food at home. (Beside rice, oatmeal and barley cereal) I am purchasing those organic because I don't have a desire to grind and process grains... I bought two sweet potatoes and steamed them (found out afterwords that baking would have been a better option.) I pureed them with my magic bullet and froze them into ice cube trays. Each cube is a perfect serving size and if everything goes as planned - it's pretty simple and much cheaper! The book I have become obsessed with is Super Baby Food by: Ruth Yaron. It explains everything about a baby's nutritional needs and how create a balanced diet with homemade foods. I have really been looking forward to starting. So, I have a freezer full of frozen sweet potato cubes... waiting for Jackson to be ready for them :) We'll take it slowly.

My parents came for a visit last weekend which was a lot of fun. My Mom and Dad spent the afternoon catching up with Jackson before busting out the Chevelle and driving that (along with a new stash of breastmilk to store in their deep freezer) back to West Bend. The photo above is my stockpile - pretty damn proud of it! We also got a wonderful visit from the Dietrich's on Sunday. It is always great to see the kids together and snap several photos of them. Ella kept the party alive while the boys took turns drooling, spitting up, rolling over and playing under the play gym. We really miss being closer to everyone. Hopefully, this summer will allow us to meet more people our age with young kids. Can not WAIT for spring!! (Allison has resumed her blog, you can find the link in my list below Jax's videos.)

Jackson is still sleeping soundly through the night. Wakes up babbling to himself in the morning and waits patiently until I go get him. He's happier than ever and loves story books and his play gym. He is squealing all the time and puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. We are still battling the spits and so far - no teeth yet. The drool factory has been working overtime, so those teeth will probably cut through soon!

Have a Happy Easter! And enjoy the time with your families.

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Jessica said...

OMG ur little boy is so stinkin cute !